Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week was pretty busy for me, with a few different outside of work commitments going on, and I have plans to go see Tick, Tick… Boom at the theater over the weekend, too. October has been busy all around, and it feels like the month is flying by – Halloween is so close! I’m not typically a costume person, but it seems like a missed opportunity this year if I don’t at least attempt a Wheelchair Barbie costume. I guess I’ll have to see what I can pull together in the next week or so!

On to this week’s favorites.

Merrily on Vanity Fair’s Lie Detector

I have watched this video with Daniel Radcliffe, Jonathan Groff, and Lindsay Mendez taking Vanity Fair’s lie detector test multiple times now. I think it’s the best one yet – hearing the outrageous things that Daniel Radcliffe has heard about himself from Google. and Jonathan Groff continue to put his foot in his mouth. They seem like they’re having a great time performing together.

Hotel Lobby Candles Holiday Collection

The Hotel Lobby holiday candle collection is live! I ordered two – one of the traditional Holiday scent, which is closest to a “classic” pine or fir scented candle, in my opinion, and one of the new Lodge scents, which they recommended for people who love New York or Miami, which are my favorites! I’m very excited for it to arrive.

How Keely Cat-Wells Gets It Done

I always love the “How I Get It Done” series from New York Magazine, but especially love this one, because it features Keely Cat-Wells, disability entrepreneur and activist. It’s so interesting to learn her story and see the amazing work she’s doing in disabled representation. I personally felt represented reading this quote from the article: “For disabled people, dealing with an inaccessible society while trying to build something is infuriating.”

Button-Front Poncho

I have been pulling out all my fall clothes lately… and trying to remember how to dress for the chillier temperatures. Layers are key! I think this button-front poncho is so cute – I love the burgundy color, and the button is the perfect way to keep the poncho from slipping off my shoulders. It’s a great fall piece.

Victoria’s Secret Adaptive

It’s really cool to see more and more big companies get into the adaptive clothing market! This time, it’s Victoria’s Secret, with adaptive bras and underwear. Also cool is the fact that they’re actually using disabled models to show the products, too. I haven’t seen any other companies making magnets on their adaptive underwear, and that’s intriguing to me!

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