Gratitude List, October 2023

This month has been a bit of a whirlwind, and feels like it’s gone by in a bit of a blur. And with everything going on in the world, too, everything has just been a lot. So this is a good reminder for me to sit back and think about what’s been going on and reflect on what I’m feeling grateful for.

Friends Who Know Me

I’ve just been feeling extra grateful for my friends this month – for being there for me and lending a sympathetic ear, or going to see the Eras tour movie together, or making me a dollhouse sized bookshelf with all the books I’ve read so far this year! It’s just nice to feel surrounded by people who get me, support me, and care about me.

Having Plans

There have just been a lot of different events going on for me this month – a book signing, multiple shows, going to the drive in, and more. While there’s definitely a downside to being “busy” like this, it’s been nice to see friends and just go out and do things. I was starting to feel a little bit cooped up!

Pretty Fall Colors

I’m not a huge fan of fall weather (because I know winter comes next), but the fall colors have been so gorgeous lately. Ever since I reorganized my office space, I have a much better, clearer view of the window into my backyard. So every time I look out, I get to see the leaves changing from their lush green of summer to the pretty, vibrant oranges and reds and yellows of fall. I can appreciate it especially through the window, when I don’t have to actually feel the dropping temperatures.

A Little Retail Therapy

Sometimes, indulging in a little retail therapy does make me happy. I don’t go overboard, but I picked up a dress and pair of shoes from the Shopbop sale, and I felt extremely grateful unwrapping the package and admiring my new goodies. I’m sure there are healthier coping strategies, but there are worse ones, too.

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