Favorite Things Party

In the past few years, I’ve heard about “Favorite Things” parties – where everyone brings a gift that’s one of their favorite things, and then everyone exchanges, grab bag / white elephant style. It sounds like so much fun – I love sharing my favorite things, and learning about what other people’s favorites are! I don’t actually have a Favorite Things party to go to, but thought I’d share some things I’d consider bringing if I did.

ChappyWrap Lap Blanket

I have been raving about ChappyWraps for years now! I love that their blankets are cozy and warm, but not too heavy or hot – basically, the perfect weight. They somehow seem to just keep getting softer wash after wash, too. This lap blanket sized one is great for gifting; it works so well as a travel blanket, or work-from-home lap warmer.

Hotel Lobby Candle New York

I have tried quite a few Hotel Lobby Candles now, and really, you can’t go wrong. They all have such a great scent – both lit and unlit! – and are one of the few brands of candles that don’t give me a headache when they’re lit. While I do genuinely like all the scents I’ve tried, I think New York is my favorite. It’s a sophisticated, kind of sexy scent… it reminds me a bit of Le Labo’s Santal 33. It’s incredible.

Electric Candle Lighter

And of course, if we’re talking about candles, I had to include this electric candle lighter. I love it personally because it lets me light candles independently (I don’t have the strength to strike a traditional match), but I know so many non-disabled people who love it, too! It makes lighting a candle so easy, and you don’t have to hunt down matches.

eReader Page Turner

The eReader page turner is just the best. It works on both Kindles and iPads – you just clip it to the edge, and then you use a little handheld remote to turn the page. It’s especially convenient when you’re reading in bed and want to keep your hands nice and warm under the covers. It’s one of those little luxuries that just makes reading nicer and more convenient.

Rare Beauty Lip Oil

I love how this lip oil is kind of like a cross between a gloss and a stain. It goes on really shiny and glossy, and feels so nice and moisturizing without feeling sticky. But then it dries down to a more natural-matte looking stain that wears really nicely all day long. It’s one of those foolproof products that anyone would love.

Wax Seal Kit

One of the things I love doing because it makes me feel fancy is sealing me envelopes with a wax seal whenever I send out a card. My kit has a stamp with my initial, but this kit is much better for gifting. I love that the wax is already cut into the right size pellets, and it comes with so many different color options, too.

GrandeLash Serum

I have been using GrandeLash for over two years now and I just really love it – it noticeably works to lengthen my lashes, but doesn’t make them too spidery, and it doesn’t irritate my eyes at all. This mini size is perfect for gifting!

Oil Removing Rollerball

This thing is so cool, and kind of a hidden gem, I think! It’s a reusable rollerball version of those blotting sheets. You just roll it across your face and it removes and excess oil. And then when it gets too oil-covered, you pop it out, rinse it under water, and pop it right back in. It works really well and lasts for so long!

Kitsch Hair Ties

These hair ties from Kitsch are the only ones I use now! These are the “regular” version, though they also come in thick, too. It’s basically the nylon material that tights are made out of, and they are the only hair ties that can handle my thick hair without making it super knotted. They also don’t pull out nearly as much hair when I take out my ponytails.

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