Friday Favorites

Maybe it’s the time change (which I normally enjoy, actually!), or maybe it’s unrelated and something else, but I have really felt so scattered this week! Losing track of the day and time constantly, just feeling very all over the place. I have a really low-key weekend planned, so I’m hoping I can really use it to kind of reset and get back to a little bit more of my typical routine.

On the plus side – so many deer visits this week! It makes me so happy to glance out the window and basically see a small herd of them hanging out in the backyard. It’s just the best.

On to the favorites!

Profile of Rebecca Yarros

I’ve shared about my love of Fourth Wing before, and I’ve already finished Iron Flame, too, which came out this week! I really love this profile of Rebecca Yarros – especially this quote: ““Writing Violet is super cathartic, because she struggles to accept the accommodations that are given to her, and I have that same struggle,” Yarros said.” It’s something that’s so relatable to me, and is really nice to see in a fantasy story.

Nell’s December in New York Candle

I am always here to try a new bougie candle! Hill House released this “December in New York” candle with notes of evergreen, balsam fir, and holiday spices. It sounds so delightful and like the best addition to a holiday candle collection!

Walmart’s Mean Girls Ad

This is the kind of marketing I love to see! Walmart got the Mean Girls cast back together to film an ad for their Black Friday sales, and I love it! This “Gretchen’s Wednesday” one is my favorite – it has so many of her iconic lines in a minute-long commercial! It’s fun and nostalgic.

Sequin Shoulder Bag

Okay, this sequin bag is just so FUN. The big sequins would make such a great sparkle anywhere you go. It would be especially great for any holiday parties or gatherings that you might have! But I think it would be equally cute dressing up a jeans and sweater outfit, too. In my mind, you can never go wrong with a pop of sparkle.

Selma Blair’s Daring to Disrupt Award

Selma Blair was given the “Daring to Disrupt” award from Glamour Magazine earlier this week, and this article about her came out beforehand. I really love how candidly and openly she talks about having MS, and learning about and becoming part of the disability community. And I especially love this quote most of all: “Doesn’t the disability community deserve fashion with a capital F? “How do we do the things that are the things we talk about with each other every day?” she says. “That’s the light stuff.” She sees it as her task to “fight for the lighter things for people too.” It’s not, “Oh, clothes, whatever,” she says. “It’s like, No, that’s how I feel comfortable. I love that stuff.””

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