Friday Favorites

This week has felt both too long and too short at the same time – it’s not like anything out of the ordinary happened, but I think it’s just the general craze of the impending holidays that makes time feel a little bit off. I honestly don’t have much more to share about this week – just kind of going along and looking forward to a few days off next week.

On to this week’s favorites!

The Crown Season 6

Anyone else planning to watch the most recent season of The Crown this weekend? I’m really excited to cozy up with a blanket and really dig in. I’m not super familiar with all of the details surrounding Princess Diana’s story, but I’m excited to watch and then read Elizabeth Holmes’ newsletter to get a little more context.

Bobbi Brown Mini Shadow Stick Set

Sephora has a duo of mini versions of my absolute favorite Bobbi Brown cream shadow sticks right now! It’d be a great gift… for someone else or for yourself! They are so easy to apply – you just draw it on and blend with your finger – and really don’t budge, either. A little bit goes a long way, too, so the mini versions will last for a while.

Mean Girls (Regina’s Version)

I am very excited for the Mean Girls musical movie, but was a little confused when the first trailer they released didn’t actually include anyone singing! But they released a new version – called Regina’s Version – with the (incredible!!) vocals from Renee Rapp kicking things off.

Vera Bradley is Back

Fashion really does go full circle! Vera Bradley was such a staple of my childhood, basically all the way up through college – I remember having a little Vera Bradley ID card holder for my college ID my freshman year. And it definitely went away for a few years, but apparently it’s back again! It’s so funny to see the iconic quilted bags popping up on my TikTok again like no time has passed.

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