Gift Guide: Swifties

I’m really excited about this week’s gift guide! My love for Taylor Swift is no secret, but I’m not really a huge merch person – a lot of it has her face plastered all over it, which just isn’t my style. I tend to go for more subtle merch – the “if you know, you know” kind. So I thought I’d share some gifts for the Swifties in your life who feel the same.

Holiday House Sweatshirt

“The Last Great American Dynasty” is my favorite song from Folklore, and probably one of my favorite Taylor songs, ever. I love this nod to the song with a sweatshirt for Holiday House – Taylor’s house in Rhode Island that the song is about! I love how subtle this one is.

Secret Song Ornament

For anyone who went to the Eras Tour, this is such a great keepsake! It’s an ornament in the shape of the piano / guitar used on the tour and personalized with the city and the surprise songs played at your show. I actually bought this for someone and the seller was super responsive and helpful, too!

To the Moon and to Saturn Bracelet

There’s a lyric she sings about loving someone “to the moon and to saturn,” which is what this delicate bracelet is alluding to! Again, this is something that doesn’t scream Swiftie, but is a sweet little nod, and is so pretty on it’s own, too.


A fun little matchbox with a lyrical reference that can act as decor, too! Perfect as a little add on to a gift, with a candle from later on in this list, maybe?

Cornelia Street Tote

“Cornelia Street” is another of my favorite songs, but is also a real place in New York! So a Cornelia Street Farmers Market tote is something that could theoretically be real, and is also useful and cute.

Eras as Books Notebook

I think the Eras as books trend is adorable, and even more fitting when decorating the front of a notebook. The little cat and the Midnights-style moon are perfect additions, too.

Lavender Haze Keychain

This shop has a few different keychains with different song references – my favorites are Lavender Haze and Getaway Car! I love how many different references they managed to fit on each one.

Friendship Bracelet Cabin

I own this and love it – it’s a Folklore-inspired 3D printed cabin! The roof comes off and you can fill it with whatever you want – some people use it to store friendship bracelets; I have some battery-operated votive “candles” in mine. It’s so cute!

Cardigan Ornaments

These cardigan ornaments are so beautiful – I honestly think I like them more than the official merch ones! They’re so intricate, and you can pick which you’d like or buy all three as a set.

Cornelia Street T-Shirt

I love the script on this Cornelia Street t-shirt – it’s just the name, no other lyrics or references, which keeps it nice and subtle in my opinion. It’s just enough of a reference without being over-the-top.

Lyric Bookmarks

There’s a pretty big overlap between Swifties and book lovers, I’ve found, so these bookmarks with Taylor Swift lyrics on them are the perfect gift for the reader in your life!

‘Tis the Damn Season Sweatshirt

This is a fun holiday sweatshirt in general, but the addition of the “‘Tis the Damn Season” song title just sets it apart. Again, it’s subtle, and the embroidery looks so nice.

Christmas Tree Farm Candle

This would go perfectly with the decorative matches from earlier in the list! You can’t go wrong with a holiday candle in general, but especially one with so many song references on the label.

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