Life Lately, November 2023

I went back to figure out where to start with this month’s general recap of my life, and realized how much has happened! It had some downtime too, but was pretty packed. It made me understand why I’m really looking forward to some time off around the holidays in December. Here’s everything I’ve been up to over the last month-ish.

Waaaay back at the end of October, I was on a panel for a Disability Studies class at Pitt. It was cool on multiple levels – amazing that disability studies exists as a major at Pitt, incredible that the class was full of students who were interested and engaged, and so nice to be able to share my experiences and hear from others in the Pittsurgh disability community, too.

This is just one of the many pumpkin cream cheese muffins from Starbucks that I ate in October and November. Pumpkin spice lattes aren’t really my thing, but the pumpkin muffins? Just delicious. It’s really the glob of the cream cheese in the middle that sets it apart!

I saw Tick, Tick… Boom! at the recently-renovated Greer Cabaret Theater, and was so impressed. The Cabaret is dinner-theater style, so you can order food and drinks to your table (using your phone, so convenient!) and they’ll bring it out to you. I got a fettuccine that was so delicious I still think about it! And the show itself was wildly impressive – three people playing multiple characters, with almost no downtime, and still making it look easy. And we also got an extra treat – one of the cast members was proposed to on stage after final bows! It was a fun night and I’ll definitely be back.

And then the next weekend, I went to see the touring production of The Wiz. I’d actually never seen the show before, so I got to experience it all for the first time – often I go into shows already having listened to the cast recording multiple times, so it’s fun to be “surprised!” The talent was unbelievable, and I enjoyed it a lot.

I joined a virtual book club sometime in October and attended my first Zoom book club meeting earlier this month! I love online book spaces because it helps me diversify what I’m reading – I love Booktok and Bookstagram, but you definitely see a lot of the same recommendations after a while. And of course, it’s also nice to talk about the books, too! Reading is typically such a solo activity, it’s nice to be able to make it more communal.

We had a low key Thanksgiving this year – just me, my sister, and my parents. We even got the meal catered, partially from Whole Foods, and partially from a local restaurant. It was really nice and un-stressful, and the food was really good, too! I got a little dressed up just for fun, but changed back into pajamas shortly after the meal.

I was especially happy for a low-key Thanksgiving because we spent Saturday celebrating my cousin’s wedding! I decided to use the wedding as an excuse to buy the glitter Nap Dress as part of Hill House’s holiday sale, and WOW, the dress did not disappoint – it’s so stunning in person. It made me feel like High Lady of the Night Court (…if you know, you know). And of course, it was so great to see and catch up with extended family, too!

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  1. Katie

    Stunning LBD!! And your sister’s is beautiful too.

  2. Amanda

    Nice Phots. Looking all good…

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