October 2023 Favorites

October was a busy month – both with plans and with shopping – so I have lots of favorites to share. Here are my favorite things I bought, wore, or did in October.

tick, tick… boom!

I’ve seen the movie version of tick, tick… boom! before, but had never seen the live stage show. I was blown away by the talent and skill of the three person cast – they were so, so incredible, and did so much with a minimal set and almost zero time off stage! It was a local production at the Cabaret theater here – the first since it’s renovation – and I was so impressed with that, too. I ordered the most delicious fettuccine and a very pretty themed drink, and both were delivered so quickly to me at my table. It was a great night.

Caliray Mascara

I got this Caliray mascara sent to me in a PR box at the beginning of October and was intrigued. I had never tried a tubing mascara before, but I’d heard great things, so I decided to give it a try. I actually really like it, and have started adding it into my normal makeup routine. Tubing mascara means that the mascara forms little fiber-like “tubes” around your lashes. So once they’re on, it does not budge – even with my oily skin, there’s no smudging at all after a full day of wear. I’m still adjusting to the way you remove it – just warm water and a washcloth – but I really love how it makes my lashes look.

Saie Liquid Blush

This is quickly becoming my favorite of the liquid and cream blushes that I’ve been trying out lately. It’s super easy to apply – it’s a doe-foot applicator, so you can just take it out and dot it onto your cheeks. I use a blush to blend it out after that, but you could totally use your fingers, too. You can play up or tone down the intensity based on how much you put on, and it looks really natural once it’s blended.

The Christmas Orphans Club by Becca Freeman

Becca’s debut book was such a delightful story about found family, which is one of my favorite tropes. I loved how she wrote a story about a strong group of friends growing up – figuring out what traditions matter, and how to grow up and move forward in your life without moving on and losing friendships that have meant so much to you over the years. Definitely worth a read this holiday season (or, honestly, anytime – it’s not too Christmas-centric at all).

My Taylor Swift Halloween Costume

It has been so, so long since I’ve dressed up for Halloween – I think I had one half-hearted attempt at dressing up while I was in college, but that’s it. After the fun of dressing up for the Eras tour, though, and seeing so much fun costumes online, I decided to go for it and have a little bit of fun with my costume this year. I am sure that not everyone “got” me as a 1988 (Heather’s Version) Polaroid, but it made me really happy, and that’s what matters.

Ruched Bodice Dress

I picked up this dress at the beginning of the month on a whim, and actually ended up wearing it to see tick, tick… boom!, so you can see what it looks like on me in the first picture. I put this on and loved it so much that I went back and bought it in navy blue satin the very next day! It’s incredibly comfortable – the back of the top is actually smocked – and I love the ruching of the bodice with the twirliness of the skirt. It’s so cute and still extremely comfortable, and it’s under $100.

Deer Are Back

One of my absolute favorite things about the fall and the winter is the deer that stop by my backyard to say hi! They’re actually napping in my backyard as I write this, and this majestic buck made an appearance last week. He actually walked closer to me and just… stood there. I’m not always a big nature person (too many bugs!) but seeing deer up close in my backyard never fails to amaze me.

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