2023 Reflection

It’s a little bit unreal that we’re almost at the end of 2023 – this year has felt incredibly long at some points, but the second half of it has also seemed to speed by somehow! I wanted to take a little time to (briefly!) reflect on the past year, and think a little bit about the year ahead, too.

Truthfully, 2023 was not exactly my best year. There were some rough moments behind the scenes – some things I shared, and some things I didn’t. It’s always tricky to figure out the “right” balance of real life to share here – what stories are mine to talk about, and what stories I’m just not ready to talk about yet. Sometimes when I’m still in the middle of things, I’m not ready to talk about them yet – I haven’t had the insight and perspective that comes with distance and time.

But! 2023 was still not an all-around terrible year by any means. There may have been rough spots, but there were absolutely moments of joy, too. There was time spent with friends and family, celebrating birthdays and weddings, there was travel, there was the Eras tour (!!), there were cuddles with my dog, and there were days spent reading on my patio in the sunshine. Basically, there were pockets of joy to be found all year long.

So while I hope that 2024 is a little more smooth sailing, I know that I’ll be okay even if it’s not. I know that there is joy to be found, in moments big and small, amidst the tough times – and that’s the most important thing of all.

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