Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Usually, when I have a short week at work, things feel extra slow, but this week has flown. I think everyone is in that post-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas rush of trying to fit everything in, and it makes time feel like it’s slipping by! I’m hoping to spend some time this weekend just getting caught up so that I can feel like I’m starting fresh on Monday. I’ve been running on caffeine this week… though that did mean I got my first caramel brulee latte of the season, which was a nice little treat!

On to this week’s favorites.

Why are millennials still attached to American Girl?

This article doesn’t ever really come to a conclusion about why millennials still love American Girl so much all these years later, but it’s still fun to read! I loved my Felicity doll growing up so much – I remember so many of the details of her story and her clothes and accessories – so reading this was like a trip down memory lane.

Shark FlexStyle FrizzFighter

I picked up the Shark FrizzFighter attachment during the Sephora holiday sale last month, and I’ve had the chance to use it enough times now to say that it works. Once I’m done drying my hair, I pop this attachment on and run it over my hair, kind of perpendicular to the section I’m working on. It really makes it smoother and shinier, but keeps the body rather than overly flattening my hair.

Noah Kahan’s Folk Pop Revival

I am still a new-ish Noah Kahan fan, so I’m not super familiar with him or his previous music! This interview was a really interesting look at his influences and how he decided to make the style of music he’s making now.

Sequin Shift Dress

This J.Crew Factory sequin dress is so cute, so shiny, and currently under $100! Sometimes you want to sparkle for the holidays, but don’t want to break the bank on a dress you know you won’t get a ton of wear from – this dress is a perfect solution.

(More) Wheelchair Mishandling by Airlines

When I saw the now-viral TikTok video of a manual wheelchair sliding down a loooong baggage ramp and bouncing off at the bottom, my heart basically dropped into my stomach. I know this happens a lot, but actually seeing it just made me (even more!) terrified to fly ever again. I really do hope an investigation happens like this article says and that something changes, because it’s hard to emphasize how much your life just… stops when your chair is broken.

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