Friday Favorites

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here! I’m officially on break until 2024 (though I’ll still be posting here!), and I’m feeling much more calm and relaxed. I already finished a book and am looking forward to reading more in the next week, ideally in pajamas, with a candle lit, and a warm drink at my side. I hope that you all find some to relax to do something you enjoy, too.

On to the favorites!

How to Avoid Overdoing it This Holiday Season

I read this on Grace’s blog a week or two ago and it really stuck with me. I’m very much a fan of making the holidays work for you, and celebrating however feels best for you and your life! The reminder that Instagram is not reality when it comes to the holiday season is something that I needed to hear, too.

Fragrance Sale at Sephora

Sephora currently has 20% off full-sized fragrance with the code FRAGRANCE20. A few favorites – I was gifted this Flowerbomb perfume earlier this year, and if you’re into sweet floral scents, you’d love this. I have a sample of this Replica By the Fireplace fragrance, and it’s great for winter and fall! My sister got me this Kayali scent for Christmas – a coffee-inspired perfume?! Obviously I had to try.

Barbie Movie with ASL

Okay, I love this – not only is Barbie now streaming on HBO, there’s a separate version with on-screen ASL interpreting! It’s really, really cool to see movies becoming more inclusive and accessible to all audiences, and offering d/Deaf and hard-of-hearing people a version in their language is a great way to do so.

Wine Pajamas

Now that I’m in “holiday break mode,” I am leaning into relaxing, and plan to spend a loooot of time in my pajamas. And how cute are these PJs (top and bottom) decorated with little wine glasses all over them?? I just love them.

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