Gift Guide: Book Lovers

I’ve had fun doing more “themed” gift guides this year, like the Swifties one I shared a few weeks ago! Since I’ve made a lot of “Bookstagram” friends this year, I thought it would be fun to made a gift guide for book lovers, too. Here are some gift ideas for the readers in your life!

Kindle Stand // Kindle Page Turner // Wire Bookmark

Book Valet // Book Crossbody // Kindle Cover

Bookshelf Decor DIY // ACOTAR Dresser // Personal Library Kit

Personalized Embosser // Bathtub Valet

Kindle Paperwhite // Book Locket // Blind Date with a Book Gift Box

Starting out with the most obvious – a Kindle Paperwhite makes an amazing gift for a reader! Even if they still like to read physical books too, nothing beats the convenience of being able to grab your Kindle and take it with you when you’re out and about. It’s super lightweight, and can hold SO many different books at once, so you never feel limited. Kindle accessories make great gifts, too! I love how cute this Kindle case is in a library card design. This stand for a Kindle (or iPad, or any eReader!) can either work as a stand or can clamp onto a headboard, so you can read in bed without having to hold your device. And this page turner remote lets you turn the page without having to take your hands out from under the blanket, so you can really stay warm and cozy.

If you’d rather gift something for physical books, there are options too! My friend makes these cute wire bookmarks that can be personalized with a name, or a word or a phrase, too. I think this personalized book embosser is so cool – you can get it made with anyone’s name, and they can “stamp” all their books with this embosser to mark them as part of their own personal library. There’s also this personal lending library kit, with return slips so you never forget who you lent out a book to again. And I love how nice this book valet looks – it can be used as a stand while reading, has a space for a mug, and you can use it to keep your page if you have to set the book down. Plus, you could totally use it as a stand for an eReader, too!

This bathtub valet tray looks so nice, and it has a spot for truly everything – it would make any bath feel luxurious and relaxing. I think this little puzzle, DIY bookshelf decor plus booklight is the coolest thing! You put it together – there are a few different “scenes” to choose from – and it’s the perfect little piece to add as decor on a bookshelf. Plus, it can be lit up to add just a little bit of reading / mood lighting, too! This “blind date with a book” gift box really goes all out – it has the book itself, plus so many little bonuses to really add to the whole reading experience.

Finally, the things I personally own and love! I have the Anne of Green Gables version of this book crossbody, and it’s the cutest little pop of fun to add to my outfits. Of course, it wouldn’t be a book lovers post from me if I didn’t mention ACOTAR at least once – this little ACOTAR-inspired dresser is a fun addition to my desk decor, and is great for any Sarah J. Maas fan. This book locket is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry – it opens, and the inside can be personalized with any quote or little phase you want (…it will not shock you that mine is, again, a quote from ACOTAR). I’ve loved lockets forever, but the fact that this one looks like a book makes it even better.

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