Gratitude List, December 2023

The holidays make it really easy for me to feel grateful about the good things going on in my life – it’s just warm, cozy vibes all around. So here’s what I’m feeling grateful for right now.

Low-Key Christmas

I’m sad we couldn’t do our (new) traditional trip to DC for Christmas this year, but honestly, it was really nice to have a low-key Christmas at home instead. I got to sleep in, lounge, read, and then watch a Christmas movie. I’ve been craving relaxation, and this was exactly what I needed.

Traditions Continued (in New Ways)

My family used to have a huge holiday party every year in December, and it was always so fun because my friends knew it was maybe the one time of the year we’d all be in the same room together. COVID has kind of ruined big parties for us right now, but I was still able to get together with a few childhood friends to celebrate. It’s nice to be able to continue traditions in one way or another!

Christmas Cookies

Is there anything better than Christmas cookies for breakfast, or as one last final snack at the end of the day, right before bed? It’s just a little luxury that makes the holidays feel fun and indulgent.

Time Off

Truly, super grateful to have the week off between Christmas and New Years! I have been feeling exhausted and burnt out, and really looking forward to time to relax. Already I’ve slept in, read, watched TV, and just relaxed!! I really, really needed this and am so grateful to have this time to recharge.

Cozy Vibes

I really, really do not like the cold. I have bad circulation as it is, and colder temperatures feel so much colder to me. But I’ve been trying hard to lean into making things feel cozy inside even if it’s cold outside – lighting a candle, snuggling with a blanket and book in front of my fireplace. It’s really added to the feeling of relaxation, too!

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