Life Lately, December 2023

This is definitely not the most exciting Life Lately post that I’ve ever written – I know lots of people are busy going to holiday parties and get-togethers this time of year, but like I mentioned in this post about the holidays this year, my plans are pretty sparse. I’m feeling a little weird about it – I love staying home and relaxing, but I’d also love to feel safe enough health-wise to go out and have fun, too. But I think the whole point of these posts is to show the reality of what my life looks like – so here it is.

Every night in December I’ve had a little treat to look forward to – my tea from my Advent calendar! A few friends bought the same one, so even when it’s not a tea I particularly enjoy, it’s been fun to chat about which we like and which aren’t our favorites. It’s been a nice little bonding experience!

The deer have also been making more appearances now that the temperature has dropped and their food sources are more scarce! I love how brave they’re getting – now they only back up a little bit when we go to set their food out, and they start inching forward again the minute it’s set down on the ground. I am working hard on befriending them!

Lily got her holiday haircut, and I thought she just looked extra cute this time! The little head tilt and the Christmas bow they gave her for her collar – I just love it.

A friend recommended this book, and I loved it so much that I read it in about a day – I didn’t want to put it down! It’s a sweet story about a woman who has the chance to repeat the last year of her life – about the things that she can change, the things that are inevitable, and finding out what really makes her happy along the way. It’s a perfect December or January read!

Finally – I rounded out the last month by watching the Eras Tour movie at home! I went “all out” for my home viewing – my Taylor Swift blanket, some friendship bracelets, and my “souvenir” cup from the drive-in. The best part about watching at home was absolutely being able to sing along without worrying about annoying anyone else… and making sure I “got my money’s worth” by watching it multiple times during the rental period!

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