2023 Amazon Favorites

I promise, this is my very last 2023 wrap up / looking back post! They’re just really fun to write – to look back over the last year, whether it’s books I read, posts I wrote, or, in this case, favorite things I bought from Amazon. It has quite the nice assortment, which is half the fun of Amazon shopping, right?!

AirPods Max

If you’ve read any of my recent favorites posts, you’re probably a little bit sick of me talking about these headphones! But they definitely were one of my best purchases of the last year. I watched the price and waited for them to go slightly on sale (they never go much more than $50 off), and while they’re definitely still pricey, they were worth it for me.

Nivea Super Water Gel Sunscreen

I bought this off a friend’s recommendation, and it is great. I wear sunscreen every day, but I’m always on the hunt for a nice lightweight one that soaks right in to my skin. This one is pretty watery, which is exactly what I look for, and doesn’t leave any white cast at all on my face.

Kitsch Hair Ties

These are the only hair ties I use! I have a lot of hair, and I like my ponytails to be tight – otherwise I can feel it sloooowly sliding down my head throughout the day, and I can’t fix it myself! These are basically made out of the material that tights / nylons are, and they’re the only ones that have never once snapped as I was using it. They do eventually stretch out, but it takes quite a while.

L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray

This hairspray has been around forever, and it’s a classic for a reason – it just works! It is definitely more of a heavy hold, but when I spray it on my curls, they brush out so nicely, aren’t crunchy at all, and they last all day and then some.


I was influenced to buy this after watching approximately one million TikTok videos about it, but it actually does live up to the hype, in my opinion. It detangles wet hair really nicely without pulling or tugging. I had tried a Wet Brush years ago, and it just didn’t work for me – the bristles just kind of bent and never made it through my hair. The Unbrush is able to brush through without issues, though, without ripping out my hair.

Square Phone Case

I bought this phone case months ago and am still using it, so clearly I’m a fan. It’s simple, but there’s something so chic to me about the square corners – it’s just a little bit different, and I really like that. It’s also slightly rubbery, so it doesn’t slip and fall off my lap, which is a problem I’ve had with other cases.

Condiment Containers

This one is kind of random, I know! I love dipping sauces – the saucier things are, the easier they are for me to eat, actually! So I have a dipping sauce of some sort with basically every meal, and these little metal containers mean that I don’t have to throw away a ton of plastic by using the disposable containers.

Barbie Ornament

This Barbie figurine is technically an ornament, but I think I’m going to keep it on my desk year round. I just love how far we’ve come with disability representation, and love that the disabled Barbie was part of the “fashionista” line. It’s just a nice little reminder that progress is being made in terms of disability inclusion, even if it might seem slow at times!

Toiletries Case

I’ve taken this toiletry case on a few trips now and I really like it. It has enough compartments to keep toiletries organized, and actually fits a lot more than you’d imagine it could! plus, the inside is plastic, so if anything spills it’s easy to wipe clean again.

Zitsticka Acne Patch

If I have an under-the-skin, more cystic acne that I can tell is brewing, these Zitsticka acne patches are what I reach for. They have little microdarts on them, so the salicylic acid can really penetrate under the skin and help clear your pores. They make a big difference for me in how long it takes to get rid of a zit.

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