Cozy Night In Essentials

I’ve talked a lot recently about how I’ve been spending a lot of cozy nights in! I try to find a balance between staying in while not feeling like a total and complete shut in, but when it’s so cold out, staying in and warm is just so inviting! I am definitely an introvert at heart, so I honestly don’t mind staying in, and having a nice, relaxing time with my own company. I thought I’d share some of my essentials for spending a cozy night (or day, or weekend…) in.

Comfy Clothes

First up – if you want to be cozy at home, what you wear matters! I know some people might not agree, but I am absolutely a proponent of cozy weekends spent in pajamas… during the daytime and the nighttime. There’s something that just feels so luxurious about spending an entire day in pajamas – like it’s truly the epitome of relaxation. I am a huge fan of wearing my LAKE pajamas when I want to be extra cozy!

If you’re not a daytime pajamas person, you want the next best thing – comfy loungewear. This waffle knit sweatshirt and pants look so cozy, and perfectly pajama-adjacent, just a little bit more put together. Definitely still comfortable enough to spend the whole day in, happily!

A Warm Blanket

When you’re spending a cozy day or night in, comfy clothes are just the first step. You need to really cocoon yourself in coziness, which means a blanket is key. My favorite, of course, is ChappyWrap – so soft and comfy (you can read my full review here). The best part is the assorted sizes, so you’ve got lots of options – the midi is perfect for a lap blanket (or a wheelchair blanket!), and the regular one is great if you want to make sure every inch is covered.

A Good Book

Once I’m nice and cozy in my pajamas and wrapped in a blanket, it’s time for me to pick up a book. There is nothing I love more than spending an entire day just completely getting sucked into a book and reading all day long. It’s the ultimate way to spend my time during a relaxing, cozy day. You can check out all my book recommendations in my Recent Reads posts if you’re looking for something to read.

If you’re like me, and read on an iPad or a Kindle, adding in this eReader page turner makes reading even cozier. You can keep your hands nice and warm under the blanket, and still turn the pages on your book with the remote. It’s pretty genius!

A Nice Candle

There’s something to be said about really setting the mood when you’re lounging at home – and for me, that means lighting a candle. It’s not just about the scent – though, obviously, that’s a big part of it! – but it’s also just about the whole vibe. The warm, yellow, flickering light, the way you can turn off the overhead lights and just be surrounded by the warm glow… it feels comforting.

My go-to candles are from Hotel Lobby Candle – New York is my favorite, but Miami and Paris Nuit are a close second and third. You can’t really go wrong!

Your Favorite Drink

To round out a cozy day or night in, I need my favorite beverage. Maybe for you that’s a glass of wine; for me, it’s a macchiato. I just love sipping my hot coffee while I’m cozy and reading! If you’re like me, and find yourself reaching for a hot coffee (or tea!), this glass mug with a lid is a great option. The glass is SUPER lightweight – light enough for me to lift it, which is really saying something – and has a lid to keep your drink warmer longer, but also has a hole in the lid so I can use my straw! A little detail that makes a big difference.

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