December 2023 Favorites

I know we’re a few days into the new year now, but I still have some 2023 content to wrap up! First, my December favorites (today) and Recent Reads (next week), and then more big picture 2023 wrap up (2023 favorites, favorite books, your favorite posts…). I think it’s really fun to look back on the last year, and to use that insight to help me plan for 2024. But before we get to that, here are my December favorites.

AirPods Max

I have been logging some serious audiobook hours with these, and I really love how the noise cancelling aspect makes me feel totally immersed in the story! I know some people complain that they’re too heavy, but that isn’t something I’ve noticed or had any issues with. I especially love that you don’t have to turn them on or off – once they’re out of their “smart case,” they automatically turn on. It can be hard for me to reach headphone buttons, so it’s great for me.

Eras Tour Movie at Home

I loved being able to rent the Eras Tour movie at home, and of course went all out with my friendship bracelets, blanket I got as a secret Santa (“secret swiftie”) gift, and my cup from seeing the movie at the drive-in. It was nice to be able to watch from the comfort of my home, with captions, and sing along. I think I watched her sing You’re on Your Own, Kid at least five times.

The Second Chance Year by Melissa Wiesner

This book is so cute, and is written by a local author, which I always love! A woman has the chance to go back in time and re-do the last year of her life. She starts with big ideas about what she will and won’t change, but of course, thing don’t turn out exactly as she expects they will! It’s a great story to read in January, too – it will make you think about your own life and choices!

The UnBrush

After seeing approximately one million TikTok videos singing the praises of the UnBrush, I was influenced to pick it up, and honestly, I really like it! It works really well to gently detangle my (very thick) wet hair – it gets through the knots without tugging or breaking. I tried the Wet Brush before, but those bristles were so flimsy they just kind of bent when they hit my hair, and couldn’t really get through it. The bristles of the UnBrush don’t have this issue, though, and get through my hair easily.


I like to look nice over the holidays just like everyone else, but my personal care attendant’s schedule is often different than normal, which can make planning my hair washing and styling days a little bit trickier. That’s where Drybar comes to the rescue! It was so convenient to be able to schedule a few appointments over my holiday break, and not need to carefully plan out my hair washes.

EarlyBird CBD

I need to write a full review post on these, because I really love them. They recently reformulated, and WOW – they taste so much better now, and the texture is basically cloud-like! They’re legal everywhere, but definitely give you a little bit of a loose buzz. I feel extremely relaxed after taking one! I take one before bed each night (a few hours before), and then I sleep SO soundly and deeply, it’s really great.

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