Friday Favorites

We made it through the first work week of 2024! It was actually a pretty chill week for me – a nice, slow easing back into work, which I very much appreciated. I’ve been trying to really start the year in a good headspace – I want to feel a little more “together,” and a little less… scattered. I’m still me, though, and have also started my year with lots of coffee… and with these delicious sugar-crusted pistachio muffins.

On to the favorites!

Sweeney Todd Tiny Desk

I love Tiny Desk and musicals in general, so when the two overlap? It feels like they recorded it just for me! This video of the Sweeney Todd cast making a stop at the Tiny Desk studio was incredible, and makes me wish so badly that I could plan a trip to NYC to see this show ASAP.

Puff Sleeve Denim Jacket

A friend showed me this denim jacket with puff sleeves earlier this week, and seriously, how cute is it?! The puff sleeves are the best little detail – it would look especially great over an Ellie Nap Dress, in my opinion! But is also versatile enough to work with basically any outfit.

Why Palestinian Liberation Is Disability Justice

This piece from Alice Wong on Why Palestinian Liberation Is Disability Justice is so powerful. Disabled Palestinians disproportionately impacted by the violence right now – any time I hear about losing power or lack of access to clean water, I think about the fact that I probably wouldn’t survive long in those conditions. But it goes beyond that – it’s so important that disability activists show up and support other social justice and human rights movements!

The Stanley Cup Craze

If you’re on TikTok or Instagram at all, you’ve probably seen all the hype for Stanley cups – not the hockey one, just the kind of cup you can drink out of made by the brand Stanley! Starbucks / Target recently released a collaboration of pink and red Stanley cups and the response, outlined in this article, was a little bit mind-boggling!

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