Gratitude List, January 2024

It’s the first gratitude list of the year! I was texting with a friend while getting ready to write this, and we both agreed – it feels hard to be grateful in January. It’s cold and snowy here right now, and the thrill of the holidays (and the thrill of having a nice break from work!) is over. So this month’s gratitude list is very much a focus on the small, daily things.

Cozy Weekends In

Snow makes it really hard for me to get around in my wheelchair. But instead of being upset about this, I intentionally planned a plan-less weekend at home. I spent lots of time in my PJs, I sipped on hot macchiatos, I read, I lit a candle, and cozied up in front of the gas fireplace. It was really nice and relaxing, and I felt grateful for the coziness rather than feeling stuck at home.

Deer Friends

The deer have been stopping by SO often lately! Even when they’re stopping by daily, it never stops feeling special and magical. I just will never be over the fact that wild animals stop by to graze and snack in my backyard.

Cozy Pajamas

Like I mentioned above, I have been spending a lot of time in pajamas lately! It makes me feel extra grateful for my favorite pajamas from LAKE, which are just so, so comfy, whether I’m sleeping or just lounging. It makes me feel so luxurious!

Retail Therapy

I’ve brightened my mood a little bit recently with some retail therapy! Obviously I don’t want to encourage spending just to spend, but sometimes I do find that a little gift to me, from me brightens my mood. It’s a fun little way to celebrate myself (within my means and my budget!), and I’m grateful for the little burst of joy they bring me.

Slower Pace

I’ve really been enjoying, and leaning in to, the slower pace of life in January. It’s been nice to not feel so stressed and rushed – to feel like I can relax a little bit, and really settle into a book or a TV show. October through December really just felt like a lot, and I’m so grateful that things feel slower, calmer, and more relaxed now.

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