Dieux Skincare Review

Recently I’ve been branching out a little more with my skincare routine and the products I use. Right after college, it took me a while to find a routine that worked well for my skin, and I was so hesitant to change it, because I didn’t want to lose the progress I’d made and the work I’d put into my skin! But I’m older now, and I know that the needs of my skin as a 35-year-old aren’t the same as when I was 22. So while I really used to focus on preventing breakouts, I’ve shifted a bit and also think about my skin texture, and the right way to moisturize my oily skin.

Two of the recent additions to my routine are from Dieux Skincare – the Deliverance Serum and Air Angel moisturizer. Since Dieux just announced their products are now available at Sephora, I thought this would be a great time to share my review!

I’m pretty picky about the products I put in my face. I’m not an expert, but I’ve done some research into skincare ingredients to understand at least a little bit about an ingredient list – what to look for, what ingredients to avoid, and what makes something actually effective. My favorite part about Dieux’s products is their emphasis on the ingredients they pick – they really focus on creating a non-irritating, effective product. I also think they do a great job about explaining their ingredients, what they’re used for, and how to best apply their products. I also love that all of their products are fragrance free!

Deliverance Serum

Dieux’s Deliverance serum is, I think, their most well-known product. It’s a super lightweight serum, meant to help combat fine lines, uneven texture, and irritation, and soothe and minimize any redness in the skin. I haven’t been diagnosed with rosacea officially, but my skin is definitely prone to redness, and has some texture problems after years of dealing with acne.

The peptides, niacinimide, and cannabinoid complex all work together really well – the peptides work to minimize the appearance of fine lines, niacinimide has been shown to improve skin texture, and the cannabinoid complex helps to soothe and calm skin. I’ve been using in once a day, at nighttime, for about three months now, using one to two pumps all over my face. My skin just feels smoother and more even overall, and I never had any irritation or breakouts from using it. It soaks into my skin so nicely, and layers really well with the rest of my products.

Air Angel

Air Angel is Dieux’s newest product, and one that I was personally so excited to try. It’s a lightweight, gel-cream moisturizer, specifically formulated for people like me who have oily skin and don’t need anything too heavy. While the texture is lightweight, the ingredient list has some heavy hitters – glycerin, which is the gold star for hydration, a barrier repair complex to help repair your skin’s natural barrier, and a variety of amino acids and ceramides that help visibly plump the skin.

The texture of this product is incredible! Dieux describes it as “cloud-like,” and honestly, that is what it feels like. It’s so soft, and it melts into my skin instantly. A lot of products are too dewy for me, and leave me looking way too shiny, but that’s not the case with Air Angel – I look subtly glowy, like my skin is just… healthy. And it doesn’t pill when applied on top of my other products, which is huge. Having a moisturizer specifically created for oily, acne-prone, and sensitive skin like mine has been an amazing addition to my routine.

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