Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I took it easy this week after getting out of the hospital last weekend, and am very much looking forward to a low-key, plan-less weekend this time around. I know how important rest is, and want to make sure I keep prioritizing it. This week’s favorites post is a little bit shorter than usual, since I haven’t been doing quite as much browsing as usual while I ease back in to real life, but I’m definitely getting there.

Gaby et Jules

If you’re in or around Pittsburgh, you have to check out Gaby et Jules, the best French patisserie in the area (in my opinion!). I got the best little heart-shaped dessert (…and a box of macarons) for myself as a Valentine’s Day treat, and OMG, they were incredibly delicious.

Bride by Ali Hazelwood

Ali Hazelwood has written a few STEM-based romance novels, but this is her first foray into fantasy, and I am hooked. I read this in about a day because I didn’t want to put it down! Misery is a vampire who has been living in the human lands for years, only to find her father has agreed to a “peace treaty” of sorts that has her marrying the head of a werewolf clan – the vampires’ mortal enemy. While she agrees to the marriage for her own reasons, she begins to find out that maybe there’s something to the old adage about keeping your enemies (very, very) close.

Getting Scammed Out of $50,000

This article was a shocking reminder that scams are getting more and more sophisticated, and that no one is above falling victim to them. Honestly, it made me think how easy it could be to accidentally find my own self caught up in something like this – it seems like the scammers had just the right mix of fear and authority that would make almost anyone listen. Definitely read this, it’s a wild ride.

Sarah J Maas on the Today Show

This is actually from last week, but I’m a little bit behind on my internet consumption. In the wake of the latest Crescent City novel, Sarah J. Maas talks to Jenna Bush Hager about her journey to becoming a writer, what she’s working on next, and more. I loved the story about her teacher encouraging her to read whatever she wanted, as long as she was reading!

Milk Makeup Jelly Tint

I’m so intrigued by this new cooling jelly lip and cheek tint from Milk Makeup. I’ve been loving cream and liquid blushes, and a one with a jelly consistency seems like it would be so lightweight and easy to wear. I’m going to try it out myself and will let you know what I think!

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