Gratitude List, February 2024

There is nothing like a hospital stay to make you feel really, really grateful! I know it was only three days, which is a relatively short stay, but I’m really appreciating all the little things right about now. So here’s what I’ve been feeling grateful for.

My Bed

After a few nights sleeping (…or trying to sleep!) in a hospital bed, there is nothing I was more grateful for than coming home and sleeping in my own bed! I got a SleepNumber bed sometime last year and it’s truly one of my favorite things in the world, and I just sleep so well in it. I was worried that my sleep schedule would be a bit of a mess from the 3 AM hospital wakeups, but I slept SO soundly my first night back in my bed!


I have been really enjoying audiobooks lately, as a way to read during the day (often while I’m doing other things…), or very first thing when I wake up and am sipping my coffee. For years, I thought I wasn’t an audiobook person, but I’m extremely grateful that has changed in the last year. I’ve also been listening to some fun romances that all end with a happily ever after, which is exactly what my brain needed.


I am extremely ready for it to be spring. So I have been so happy each and every time we’ve had a day with bright sunshine! Even if it’s been chilly still, I make sure to at least go outside for a few minutes and just feel the sun on my face. Especially since I work from home now, I don’t even have to go outside to commute, so any time outside in the sunshine is needed and appreciated.

My Online Community

I am seriously so grateful for how incredible and supportive my little online community is. From friends messaging me to check in when they realized I hadn’t posted in a while, to people making sure I was ok and asking if I needed anything (from hundreds of miles away!) once they knew what was going on, to everyone letting me know I was missed on Instagram when I didn’t post for a few days… it just all meant a lot. Sometimes posting online can feel kind of empty, because it can be hard to know if people are actually reading what you’re sharing! So I very much appreciated every single comment and message I’ve gotten recently.

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