Hill House Knit Dress

My love of Hill House’s Nap Dresses, is no secret, but apparently I’ve been sleeping on their knitwear! I picked up this knit Rachel dress on a little bit of a whim recently, and I am in love!

Now that I work from home, my wardrobe needs have changed. I don’t shop for business casual as much anymore – I do often still get dressed for work (especially for Zoom calls!), but it’s a lot more relaxed, and just a slightly more polished version of casual. It also means that when I shop for new things, I try to buy things that fit in my closet both for work and non-work wears. Just pieces I like that would be equally as appropriate for a meeting as they would be for a brunch or dinner with friends. But I find buying dresses tricky with this mindset sometimes, especially for cooler weather seasons. This ribbed Rachel dress from Hill House, though, is exactly what I’m always looking for.

I love the look of the dress – it’s a neutral color, the collar gives it a little extra polish, and the ribbing of the fabric is great, and the little ruffles at the sleeve and the hem give just the little perfect added detail. It’s absolutely a dress I’d wear for work or for play, and feel totally comfortable in either setting.

And talking about comfortable – the dress is SO comfy! The knit itself, plus the ribbed texture, means the fabric is so stretchy, it’s kind of incredible. But the fabric is also substantial enough that even when it stretches, it doesn’t cling to your body, just kind of glides over it. It’s a different kind of comfort than their typical Nap Dress, but honestly, no less comfortable. It is seriously just the perfect knit fabric!

Stretchy fabrics are one of my absolute favorite things. I’ve talked about this before with other people who use wheelchairs, and everyone I talked to felt the same! When you need to get your clothes to work while seated, to work around wheelchair components, and to work when someone else has to help you get dressed, truly, the stretchier the material is, the easier the fit is. So the way this dress stretches but then stays put is pretty much exactly what I’m always looking for.

I hope Hill House keeps making this dress in more silhouettes and more colors – I would absolutely start a small Hill House knitwear collection. This dress is that good.

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