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Because I live with my parents, not every room in the house is styled in my taste. There are little corners here and there, though, that I’ve slowly made into my own over the years. One of those places is the end table in the room I’ve made into my “office.” I’ve made it into my own coffee table of sorts, with a nice stack of books, along with decor (and too many Hotel Lobby Candles). I added a new book to my coffee table stack over the weekend, so I thought it would be fun to share all my favorite coffee table books with you.

The Only Woman

I bought this book as a housewarming gift for a friend on Grace’s recommendation… and then ended up loving it so much that I bought myself a copy, too. It’s a book full of photographs of groups of men plus just one woman in each photo. The images span time, and country, and profession; there’s well known women, completely unknown women, and everything in between. It’s great for visitors to be able to pick up and leaf through, because each page tells it’s own story, and I’ve learned a lot from it too!

HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style

If you follow Elizabeth Holmes on Instagram, you’re likely familiar with her “So Many Thoughts” series – where she takes a photo of a member of the British Royal Family when they’re out (publicly – on an engagement, a scheduled walk, etc.), and fills up a whole Instagram story slide with her insights and analysis on the look and the meaning / importance behind it. This book takes that but expands upon it – a whole book, incredibly researched, with sections focusing on the styling choices of Queen Elizabeth II; Diana, Princess of Wales; Catherine, The Duchess of Cambridge; and Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex.

I Am Not a Label

When I was creating my coffee table book stack, I knew that I wanted to make sure I had some disability representation. When I went to search, though, I couldn’t really find exactly what I was looking for (maaaybe an opportunity for me to work on? We’ll see!). I did, however, find this children’s book full of 34 disabled trailblazers throughout history; all the way from the past until now. The illustrations are really beautiful, and I love the diversity of people included.

A is for Archive: Warhol’s World from A to Z

I’m on the board of The Warhol Museum, and I got this book a few years ago as a board gift – it’s equally perfect for reading and learning as it is for display. It groups things alphabetically (“A is for Autograph,” “B is for Boxes), and shares carefully chosen selections from his works, plus his public and personal life that fall within those groupings. It’s a great way to learn more about Warhol’s life and work, and the photographs and art included are all so interesting.

Barbie: The World Tour

This book is the newest addition to my coffee table collection, and I love it. I followed Margot Robbie’s press tour outfits for the Barbie movie closely last summer – I loved how she payed homage to classic Barbie outfits with her red carpet styles. This new book is a compilation of all of those looks plus so much more. For each different look, there’s an explanation of the thought put into it, why each designer was chosen, and how Barbie’s style was so carefully replicated for Margot. It’s a masterpiece!

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