February 2024 Favorites

For it being a shorter month, February had a surprising number of favorites! Maybe it’s because I treated myself a little after the hospital, or maybe it was just a good month, who knows. But here are my favorite things from last month.

Bride by Ali Hazelwood

Bride is Ali Hazelwood’s latest book, and as far as I know, her first fantasy one – and I loved it so much. You can read my review in yesterday’s post, but it was just so fun and cute and compulsively readable! It was the kind of romance that made me want to squeal with glee over the sheer cuteness. I hope she keeps writing in this genre!

L.L. Bean Boat and Tote

When I was headed to the ER last month, I grabbed this bag and threw in a few things I thought I might want while there, because I know how long ER wait times can be. It fits so much that I ended up throwing in a few extra things, just to be safe… which turned out to be a plus, since they admitted me! It was the perfect bag for what I needed, and I was so impressed by how much I was able to squeeze in there.

Living Proof Blowout Spray

I’ve been testing out this blowout spray for a few weeks now, and really love it. I have a full review post for it coming soon, but I love how easy it is to use – I just spray liberally all over my hair – and how soft my hair feels after I blow dry when I use it. I basically can’t stop touching it! It adds a little extra hold when I curl, too. I’m really impressed!

Hill House Knit Dress

You can read my whole post about this dress here, but it absolutely deserves a place in last month’s favorites. It’s so comfy and stretchy and easy to wear, but looks so cute, like chic academia vibes. I’m crossing my fingers we get more in this fabric later this year!

Ellie Haycock is Totally Normal by Gretchen Schreiber

I usually try to limit my monthly favorites to one book, but I had to include two this month. I am so, so glad that we’re seeing more books with disabled characters written by disabled authors – having good disabled representation is so important, and has been really lacking up until recently! This book is middle grade / YA, which is especially important, in my opinion. When you’re growing up and you know you’re “different,” being able to see yourself and feel understood in books is so key!

Star Sequin Charm

I ordered this little charm in late January / early February, and it actually got delivered the day I got home from the hospital, which was such a special little treat. I love shiny things, and I love all things stars and celestial, so a little gold charm that’s a star-shaped sequin? Kind of a no brainer. I’ve been having a little more fun with my jewelry lately, and this was the perfect addition.

JW Pei Heart Clutch

This is probably one of the most impractical clutches that I own, so of course I’m obsessed. It’s even more sparkly in real life than it looks in pictures, and I love the contradiction between the sparkly pink of the heart mixed with the semi-realism of the gold “veins” on it! Definitely a more eccentric, whimsical piece, but so much fun, and a statement bag than can make the right outfit pop!

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