Friday Favorites

After a bonus February day this year, March is here! I declared that yesterday was “leap day treat day” for me, so I treated myself all day long with little things like a Panera souffle for breakfast, my favorite Mola sushi for lunch, and of course a Starbucks macchiato. All silly little things, sure, but just made the day a little more fun… like a personal holiday! It made the day feel special, and made getting through the week a little more tolerable, too.

On to this week’s favorites!

Ellie Haycock is Totally Normal by Gretchen Schreiber

This book comes out next week, but is definitely worth pre-ordering! I’m so, so happy to be seeing more disabled books by disabled authors being published, and this one is no exception. It follows Ellie, a girl in high school, who is struggling to keep her “home life” and her “hospital life” separate – wanting to feel normal, and afraid of losing friends if she lets people in too far. It’s such an important story, and one younger me would’ve loved to read.

Just Say No

I love this article from The Atlantic about how to better say no when you’re feeling overwhelmed. There are some great, actionable tips and ways to reframe it in your mind to help make it easier – I especially love the tip about making it harder to say yes. I also appreciated the reminder that sometimes, it’s not you!

Dermstore Sale

Dermstore has a sale right now – 20% off with the code REFRESH. They stock a lot of my favorites! I recommend the cult classic Bioderma miceller water, this Briogeo scalp shampoo I use once a week to get rid of any buildup, this toner from Paula’s Choice, and this GrandeLash serum that I’ve been using for over three years now! It’s also a great chance to pick up a Foreo device – I use this to wash my face every day, and it really is so gentle but still helps keep my pores from clogged.

Most Anticipated Books of 2024

I know this isn’t the first “best of” books for 2024 that I’ve shared, but I love lists like this so much! This list has House of Flame and Shadow on it, so I know it’s a list I can trust. I’m adding quite a few of these to my own personal preorder list!

All of Us Strangers

I’m begging all of you to watch All of Us Strangers on Hulu so I have more people to talk to about it! It’s incredible (but also devastating, so be warned), stars Andrew Scott and Paul Mescal, and is actually pretty short, so it’s easy to just sit down and watch. I don’t want to say anything more and spoil the plot, but please let me know if you watch it!

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