Friday Favorites

This week has actually kind of flown by, but in the good way – work has been just the right amount of busy, so the days went pretty quickly without being overly exhausting. It was still a typical week, nothing too exciting, but nice to feel like it didn’t drag, and that the weekend is here. I’ve really been getting back into a great reading habit again, and have been starting and ending my days with a book, which always puts me in such a great mood. I also started a re-watch of The West Wing, one of my all-time favorite shows, so that probably helped, too. And as always, I’m happy Friday (and the weekend) are here now. On to the week’s favorites!

Diane Von Furstenburg for Target

The DVF for Target collection launches tomorrow! These things tend to sell out online super quickly, so if there’s anything you really want, it’s best to “favorite” it ahead of time for easy access when the sale opens. I really like this tank wrap dress, this smocked dress, this mixed-print dress, this lamp, and this set of mugs and saucers.

They Ate at My Table, Then Ignored My People

This is a really powerful essay from Palestinian food writer Reem Kassis – I highly recommend reading it! It’s incredibly insightful and poignant – about food as culture, and community, and identity; about self-censorship and trying to avoid being “too much,” and about being silent no longer.

Behind the Looks with Kristen Stewart

I loved this video where Kristen Stewart goes “behind the looks” of some of her most iconic roles. She’s played so many characters that have such distinctive looks that are so pivotal to the characters themselves, and it’s really interesting to hear her talk about the costuming and the choices that were made for each role.

Sticky Coconut Chicken and Rice

This one pot chicken and rice dish looks SO good. I’m not a huge coconut fan, but I do love coconut rice, and it seems like it would be the perfect flavor addition to this dish. A one pot meal is always a win, and even better when it’s in a dutch oven – it always turns out so rich and delicious! I’ll probably make a few minor changes, but I’m super excited to try this.

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