Life Lately, March 2024

This month’s life lately is not the most exciting one that I’ve ever written. I spent a lot of this month at home, just leaning in to relaxing. We’re in that weird time of year right now for me – it’s still the tail end of winter, so even if we get a little bit of unexpected spring (like we did this past month!), I’m still more or less stuck at home most of the time. So I chose to spend the time doing my favorite things – a lot of reading (sometimes out on the patio, sometimes inside in my pajamas) and a lot of TV and movie watching (I watched all the Oscar best picture nominees and took zero pictures). I can’t really spin my camera roll into anything life-changing, but sometimes that’s just how life is, and since the point of these posts is to show the “behind-the-scenes” of my real life… that’s what we have here. So here’s the reality of what my life has looked like over the last month.

I decided, somewhat on a whim, to declare that February 29 was “leap day treat day,” where I treated myself to all my favorite foods. Obviously, this included a delivery from Mola! The torched salmon belly is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, and I’d happily eat it every single day.

A Canadian friend sent me a very sweet care package! It’s hard to see, but she decorated the little piano in Eras tour-style, and personalized it with the surprise songs that I got at my concert. It’s so cute and goes perfectly with my Folklore-esque cabin. And she also included my favorite Canadian candy, Coffee Crisp – they’re SO good!

Like I mentioned above, we had a week of “fake spring,” that I took FULL advantage of. I planted myself outside with my coffee and my iPad, and soaked up the sun for as long as I could while reading and just… enjoying. It made me so hopeful that spring would be here soon, even if it was just a little tease for now.

I really wasn’t kidding about how much I took advantage of the warmer weather. I brought my laptop out for a bit too and worked from my “patio office,” which is my very favorite place to work. And then continued to read after work was over for the day. This is why I got so much reading done this month, I guess!

Lily was also loving the sun and the warmer weather!! She thrives when she can hang out outside, as you can clearly see here. I just love how happy she looks!

While the warmer weather may not have stuck around (for now!), the deer are still stopping by! We’ve trained them (…or they’ve trained us? Who really knows at this point) well enough that even on rainy days, they know to stop by for a meal. It still brings me so much joy, every single time.

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