Accidentally Adaptive: Ultra Thin Cotton Pads

In my Accidentally Adaptive series, I share products or services that aren’t specifically designed to be adaptive but have a particular use for me as a disabled woman.

I love learning about skincare and creating a routine that works for me and my skin, but sometimes it gets physically tricky for me to work with different products. The type of dispenser and the texture of the product itself can have a huge impact on how easy (or how challenging) it is for me to apply on my face. But I’ve started using these ultra thin cotton pads to apply more of my products, and they’ve made the process so much easier – the latest “Accidentally Adaptive” addition to my routine!

I’ve shared my skincare routine before (I think most recently here, but it’s probably due for a refresh soon!), but never really talked about how I physically apply things. I can’t lift my elbow off the armrest of my wheelchair, so when it comes to applying things to my face, I have to lean and reach in just the right way so that I can actually put the products onto my skin. For most products, I have a pretty good handle on it. But for products that are thinner and more runny, it gets a little bit tricky.

For example – when I apply toner, I can’t just put it on my fingers and then apply it to my face. Because of the way I have to lean and turn my hand to get to my face, anything as runny as toner would just drip right off. Until now, I’ve been using regular cotton rounds, but they use up so much product that just gets soaked into the cotton and wasted. And for things like Vitamin C serums, which are typically pretty thin – the process of pumping or droppering it onto my fingers, and then trying (and usually failing!) to get my fingers up to my face ends up with Vitamin C all over my hand at best, and all over my pajamas at worst. And of course, yes, I could get someone to help me, but I don’t always want to go through that extra step of making sure someone is around and available.

But these ultra thin cotton pads basically act as fingers for me, but without the mess of using my own fingers! Because they really are ultra thin, they don’t absorb nearly as much product as regular cotton rounds do. My toner is already lasting so much longer than it used to! And I’ve been pumping my Vitamin C serum directly onto a thin pad, and then using that to apply it to my face. I don’t find that I need to use any extra product, and it’s super easy for me to apply – and I don’t have to rush and worry about it dripping!

I’m sure the ultra thin cotton pads weren’t made with mobility disabilities in mind, but they’re definitely an “Accidentally Adaptive” product that makes my life easier!

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