Friday Favorites

This week was one of those weeks where each day felt incredibly long. I can’t believe that the eclipse was this week – it feels much, much longer ago than that. We weren’t quite in totality, but we were close, and it was still a super cool thing to experience – and I loved how everyone was talking about it and sharing their own experiences! Really cool and unifying. Anyway, on to this week’s favorites.

6 Y.A. Novels That Open Conversations About Teen Chronic Illness

I am SO happy we’re seeing more books being published about disability – enough that there’s a list in the NY Times compiling them! Young adult books about disability are especially important, because it’s at a time in life where it can feel SO important to fit in, and it can be tough when you know you’re different. I have read and love Breathe and Count Back from Ten on this list, and need to read the rest of these, too.

Buy Two, Get One Free Books at Target

Target has a buy two, get one free deal on books this week as part of Circle Week! There are a ton of good books to choose from, and lots of pre-orders are eligible, too. My picks (that I’ve either read or plan to read) are: The Women, Just for the Summer, Funny Story, The Familiar, The Husbands, Taylor Swift Style, and The Seven Year Slip.

Money Can Buy You Everything, Except Maybe a Birkin Bag

I am fascinated, in general, with Birkin bags – the bag itself, the people who have one, the TikTok videos I’ve watched about how people were finally offered the chance to buy a bag. This piece is a really great deep dive on the whole process – the scarcity of the bags, and the process and purchase history that people go through to get offered one.

30% Off Full-Price at J.Crew

J.Crew currently has 30% off a bunch of their full price items with the code SHOP30. I especially love this floral print halter dress and quite a few of their shirtdresses, like this yellow print smocked waist one, this white maxi, and this shorter blue and white striped one.

Perfume Sampler at Sephora

This perfume sampler set was one of my purchases from Sephora’s sale going on right now – make sure you use the code YAYSAVE. It comes with deluxe sized samples, and once you decide which is your favorite, there’s a voucher included that you use to trade in for a full size of whichever you want. So far, Burberry Goddess is my favorite, but I have a few more to try still!

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