Friday Favorites

We’ve had a week of absolutely gorgeous weather, and it’s put me in the best mood. I took Lily for a “walk” one afternoon… and then, as she often does, she ended up riding back on my lap for the second half of the (short) walk. But it’s the thought that counts, right?? Today is also new Taylor Swift music day, which means I’m in even more of a good mood, too. It’s a perfect way to end the week! On to the favorites.

As a huge procrastinator myself, any article that has tips on how to “productively procrastinate,” I will obviously be reading. I loved all of these tips on how to begin something creative – especially the tip that you’re never really ready, and sometimes you just need to start. And there’s even more advice from some very big names, creatively. Definitely worth a read.

ChappyWrap Lightweight Blanket

You all know how much I love ChappyWrap’s blankets! When they announced a new lightweight version of their blanket this week, I obviously had to place an order so I can compare it to their tried-and-true original. I got the grey version – I’ll obviously share my thoughts once it arrives.

A Disability Is Not Something You Have To “Fix”

I love that Refinery29 shares disability-related content! This is a great highlight about a disability activist and influencer. Just like me, she talks about how she went through a process of not only not wanting to hide her disability, but actively wanting to share about it! I always find it so interesting that no matter what the disability, so many of us went through the same mental/emotional journeys growing up. And of course, I love her message that disability isn’t inherently bad and doesn’t need to be fixed!

Earlybird CBD Sale

My favorite CBD gummies from Earlybird are on sale right now – use the code “420” for 20% off! You can read my full post about them here – basically, they give you a little buzz, like you’ve had a few glasses of wine, and they give me the BEST sleep. Also they taste great! If you’re new to gummies, maybe start with a half and then see how you feel.

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