Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This has been a pretty standard week for me – nothing too exciting, but honestly, that’s a good thing! I’ve had my fill of stress for now, and calm and “normal” sounds pretty great, to be honest. My sister’s birthday was last weekend and we’re going to go out on Saturday to celebrate, but that’s the extent of my plans, and I’m happy about that. On to this week’s favorites!

Funny Story by Emily Henry

When I hear Emily Henry is writing a new book, I preorder immediately, so I have been looking forward to Funny Story for months now. It absolutely lived up to my expectations – I finished it in about a day because I didn’t want to put it down! I’ll have a full review up in my monthly reading post, but I really loved it. Reading an Emily Henry book just makes me feel like I’m talking to my friends in the best way!

IFJ X Sopheating Charm Connector

My friend Sophia collaborated with Indigo Fine Jewelry on this gorgeous charm connector! I’ve been building up my jewelry collection recently, and this is such a great way to show off your charms together, with the added bonus of it being a stunning piece all on its own. I love the little diamond chip to add extra sparkle and shine.

Outdated Sunscreen in the US

I don’t know if your TikTok / Instagram feeds are anything like mine, but I have been inundated with videos about Korean beauty, specifically their sunscreens. I knew a little bit about the restrictions that the US and the FDA have on sunscreens and filters, and why we don’t have any new, innovative products, but this article is a great deep dive into the subject.

Gillian Anderson Rewatches

I am a huge Gillian Anderson fan, so I really enjoyed this video where she rewatches her roles over the years! She’s really had such a variety of acting roles over the years, and it’s fun to see her look back over them – especially to hear her talk about getting her big break on The X-Files. And yes… this video did convince me to start an X-Files rewatch!

For any recovering perfectionists out there, this is a great article on how to avoid the trap that is perfectionism. I like that it has some actionable tips and things you can tell yourself to help you feel better and happier in your own skin.

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