Getting Into Audiobooks

For years and years, I insisted that I was just not an audiobook person. I had nothing against people who read audiobooks – all reading is reading! – but it just wasn’t me. But over the last few years, slowly but surely, I’ve gotten into audiobooks. And now I’m at the point where I almost always have two books going at once – one ebook, and one audiobook. If you want to be more of an audiobook person, I though I’d share how I got here, and if you’re already an audiobook reader, I thought I’d share how and where I listen.

Getting Into Audiobooks

Getting into audiobooks isn’t something that happened overnight for me! It was a process, and it kind of felt like I had to train my brain. I’m not really an auditory learner, so it was like a muscle I had to stretch – to figure out how to pay attention to audiobooks. At first, I’d find that my attention had wandered and I’d have to go back and figure out what I had actually last paid attention to. But now, I find myself doing that much less often – here’s what I did.

Start with a re-read

Since I knew that my issue was my attention wandering, I thought the best way to start would be to listen to something I’d read before. And I think it was really helpful! If my attention wandered for a minute or two, I didn’t have to worry too much, because I already knew the plot. It will probably not shock you to learn that I picked ACOTAR, but pick whatever you love enough that you don’t mind listening again!

The more books I re-listened to, the more I found myself actually paying attention to the audio, and not finding myself lost in my own thoughts. So after I felt like I had done enough re-listens, then I moved on to new-to-me books.

Listen to a memoir

Memoirs are always a great choice for audiobooks. They’re usually narrated by the author, which makes it more appealing to me (narrators matter so much to the listening experience!). I also feel like non-fiction can be easier to follow along with on audio than fiction. You’re not keeping track of plot lines and character names with a memoir quite the same way that you are with a novel. So it’s a nice dipping of the toe into audiobooks.

Keep trying

I know this sounds silly, but for me, listening to audiobooks is something that I need to keep practicing! It’s kind of like exercise – it requires a specific muscle that needs to be stretched. So if you want to become an audiobook reader, the best advice I can give is to keep trying, slowly but surely. Try giving it 15-30 minutes at a time until it’s something you’re more comfortable with.

How I Listen to Audiobooks

There are so many different platforms for listening to audiobooks. There’s no right or wrong way to listen – these are just the two platforms that I personally use the most.


Everand is the newly-rebranded name for Scribd. It’s a monthly subscription based service, and once you subscribe, you have access to their whole library of audiobooks (and ebooks!). This is how I listen to my ACOTAR graphic audiobooks on repeat! It’s a pretty nice mix of genres, too, though I find I often have more luck when I’m not looking for a specific title, but I’m just looking for something new to listen to. It can also take a bit for them to get new releases, so keep that in mind!

This is another subscription-based service, but instead of access to a full catalogue, you get one credit per month. These credits can then be redeemed for any book in their vast, vast library. This is where I go when I’m looking for a specific title or new release – they have absolutely everything. And if you want to buy more than one book a month, you get a discount on anything else you buy once you’ve used your credit for the month.

The very best part, though, is that when you make an account, you choose a local bookstore that your purchases support! It’s a perfect way to help keep small, local bookstores in business while still being able to read via audiobooks.

Other ways to listen…

Scribd and are the two audiobook services I use most, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones! Audible, Hoopla, Libby… there are so many options! Whatever option you find that you enjoy the most is the one that’s right for you.

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  1. Corey Ann

    I’m still dipping my toe into audiobooks and I think your advice here is perfect! I’ve really loved listening to memoirs by the authors!

  2. Heather O

    This was how I got into audiobooks as well! A re-read to memoirs to figuring out what genres work best for me. If anyone has trouble paying attention (which was my biggest problem with audiobooks) is to bump up the reading speed! I’m not sure why it works but it helped me.

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