Gratitude List, April 2024

My life has still been slower over the last month, so I’m really leaning into the small moments of gratitude. And honestly, I think that’s the whole point, anyway – it’s easy to be grateful for the big things! It’s more meaningful to find the moments of gratitude in the day-to-day. So these are the things I’ve been grateful for recently.

New Blooms

The pretty pink bushes in our backyard bloomed for the first time since winter! Not only do they look so bright and pretty, it’s also a sign that the seasons are changing and the weather is shifting. I’m so, so ready for spring to just be here already, and the pink flowers were a nice visual reminder that it is, in fact, on its way.

Internet Friends Becoming IRL Friends

Sometimes I think it’s so funny that I have friends I talk to almost daily but have never actually met in person! It’s a little bit wild to think about how the internet has connected me with so many amazing people I get to call friends. But what’s even cooler is when those “internet friends” become “IRL friends!” A few weekends ago, I got to meet up with some friends in person who I met online, and it was so great. I’m really grateful for the new people the internet brought into my life.

The Eclipse

I’m not the hugest “nature” person, and space in general kind of terrifies me, but the eclipse was honestly really cool. We weren’t in the path of full totality, but we were in the high 90 percent, and it was enough to be noticeable! Obviously, you could see it by staring at the sun (with eclipse glasses on, of course!), but when we got as close to totality as we were getting, it was dark enough that the lamp in our front yard turned on, and it got noticeably chillier, too. Such an amazing thing to experience!

Relaxing Weekends In

I know that some people like their weekends to be full of plans – I’m really happy for them, but it’s very much not me. A weekend without any plans is one of my favorite things! I’ve been lucky enough to have a few of them recently, and it’s been really nice. Sometimes I can get too comfortable with staying in, and need to push myself to go out, but sometimes I really do need the time over the weekend to just relax and live a slower, more laid-back life for two (short!) days. I’m really grateful that I’ve been able to.

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