March 2024 Favorites

March was kind of slow for me, life-wise – not necessarily bad, but not too many plans outside of work and regular things. Which means I may have picked up a few more things than usual – I kind of felt like I needed a little pick-me-up at times. But I rediscovered some old favorites, too! These are a few of my favorite things from the past month.

Woven Leather Bag

I love this bag so much! It’s classic and chic, and somehow a little unexpected, too – woven leather instead of woven raffia makes it a little bit different. I feel like it will work for so many more seasons and occasions than a woven stray bag does, which is just me justifying the purchase. I haven’t had many chances to use it yet, but it was a little bit of retail therapy joy when I needed it.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

I actually bought this sometime last year – maybe at the end of last summer? – used it once, and proceeded to misplace it. I found it hidden under a pile of things I’d been meaning to go through, tried it out again, and promised myself not to lose it again, because it’s great! Nice and moisturizing but not too sticky, and leaves just a wash of color. It’s sold out at Sephora right now, but is available at Revolve. I have the “Cherry” color.

New York Hotel Lobby Candle

The second the New York scent from Hotel Lobby Candle came back in stock, I placed my order! I had been rationing my last candle, and actually used it up all the way, which is SO rare for me. I have been able to light it freely, whenever I want again, and it’s been lovely. If they ever decided to release a perfume version of the New York scent, I’d buy it in a heartbeat – I love it that much.

Pearl Heart Charm

The exact charm I picked up is sold out now, but this one is very close, and from the same jeweler. I have been slowly building up my collection of jewelry – looking for pieces that are high quality, and timeless, but a little bit fun, too. I want pieces that show off my personality and feel like me. Pearls are classic, but a heart shaped pearl charm is a fun spin on a classic, which is exactly what I wanted.

Barbie: The World Tour

The Barbie coffee table book is so stunning on multiple levels. First, it just looks amazing – I love the Barbie pink color of the cover, and the way it fully embraces it, because it sticks out in a pile of books! The most incredible part, though, is the level of detail that went into planning every single look that Margot wore on the Barbie movie press tour. I am just in awe of the thoughtfulness that went into it – it’s so, so impressive.

Patio Reading

Hands down, patio reading season is my absolute favorite time of year. It really has become my happy place – when it’s warm enough, I can easily spend hours out there reading, pretending like the world (and my responsibilities) simply don’t exist. And so when the weather here starts to warm up enough that I can spend even a little bit of time outside on the patio? I take full advantage!

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