April 2024 Favorites

April was a great month for favorites – the Sephora Sale meant that I got to buy and try a few new products that I ended up loving, and it was a great reading month, too. Here are my favorites from last month.

Funny Story by Emily Henry

I stopped everything I was doing to read Emily Henry’s latest book Funny Story, and I have no regrets – it’s one of my favorites of hers! Fake dating isn’t usually my favorite trope, but I actually really enjoyed the way it was done. Daphne and Miles end up roommates under the most unusual of circumstances – their respective partners have left them for each other. They’re both heartbroken and mostly keeping to themselves, until they get a wedding invitation from their exes, and decide to RSVP yes… as a couple. And of course, while it starts out as fake dating, it miiiiight not feel so fake after a while. I sped through this in a day and loved it!

Zoologist Dragonfly

I have been on a fragrance kick lately – ordering perfume samples of all kinds from different brands. I have ordered quite a few now from Zoologist, and can say with certainty that Dragonfly is one of my new favorites. It’s floraly without being too floraly – it still has some deeper richness to it, rather than being too sweet. It’s especially great for spring and summer, in my opinion!

Only and Forever by Chloe Liese

This book is kind of like the end of an era – it’s the final (or at least final for now) book in Chloe Liese’s Bergman Brothers series. This series is so, so special to me – the first romances I read where the disabled main characters got their happily ever afters, usually not in spite of their disability but because of their disability. It means so much for me to read stories like that! And Only and Forever was the perfect closing of the Bergman series – ending the series with Viggo, the hopeless romantic of the family, figuring out the difference between love in real life and love in his romance books was so fitting.

ChappyWrap Lightweight

I love my ChappyWrap blankets so much, but sometimes during the summer months, they can feel a bit too warm and heavy. So when I saw that ChappyWrap was introducing a lightweight version of their blanket, I ordered pretty much instantly. I’ve been sleeping with it for about the last week or so, and I’m a bit fan! It’s been in the 80s (!!) here this week, and I’ve been so comfortable under the lightweight blanket. I’m someone who can’t sleep without a blanket or sheet of some sort, so this is very exciting to me!

Rare Beauty Liquid Blush

I’ve been hearing about this blush from Rare Beauty for so long, and I finally decided to try it out. It absolutely lives up to the hype! A little bit goes a very very long way – I put just a tiny dot on each cheek, and it’s enough. I love how easily it blends, too – it doesn’t take much work to spread and diffuse the color, but it really does set down dry and last all day. I’ve been using the color “Worth” most, but I also have and like “Joy.”

T-Shirt Dress

I picked up this Amazon Basics t-shirt dress on a whim, but I actually like it a lot! It’s just a standard, basic t-shirt dress, but it’s super comfortable, affordable, and fits me well. I have it in the olive green but am going to pick it up in black as well, because it’s a great basic option to have in my closet. And I like that it’s a v-neck / scoopneck rather than a standard crewneck, too.

The Depuffer Roll-On Serum

I think I have mild rosacea, or at least have a lot of underlying redness in my skin. I’ve been using this depuffing and redness reducing serum for a few weeks now, and while it’s too early to give full results, I am really liking it so far! My favorite part is the roll-on applicator – it’s SO much easier for me to apply than to have to reach with my hands alone. I wish more products came dispensed like this!

Dr. Jart Cicapair

The Cicapair cream is another redness relief product, but it’s also a color corrector, and it WORKS. It’s so cool – it has a slight green tint in the jar, but turns beigey once it’s on the skin. It’s a very very light wash of color – even less than a tinted foundation – but it really did stop my skin from looking red all day long! I think it takes a few tries to figure out the right about of product to use, but when you do, I think you’ll be impressed! If you struggle with redness too, I definitely recommend.

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