Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just a few weeks away now! When I put together my gift guide, I went with gifts that are crowd favorites or things that I’ve actually given to my own Dad in the past. Here are some Father’s Day gift suggestions.

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

This is great for using around the house, both inside or outside – perfect for when you want to listen to music with your morning coffee, or when you’re grilling. It’s super easy to connect to, and like all Bose products, the sound quality is amazing.

BBQ Daddy Grill Brush

Grill-related gifts are always a go-to. This grill brush makes cleaning the grill much easier, with both the steel wool side (that you dip in water for some steam cleaning action) plus the metal scraper side, too. And the easier it is to clean the grill, the more it can be used!

Dagne Dover Tech Case

I love this so much I own it myself, but I think it makes a perfect gift for anyone. This tech case from Dagne Dover is the perfect way to keep all cords and charging cables organized while traveling…and so they’re easy to locate in a duffel bag or suitcase, too. It doesn’t take up a ton of space but fits a LOT.

Meater Plus Thermometer

I got this for my dad a few years ago, and it’s also a cult-favorite gift now! It’s a wireless thermometer for cooking, grilling, or smoking – it takes away the need to stand next to the grill and monitor the cooking, and it makes sure the meat is always cooked through enough, too. It pairs with the phone so easily, and is one of the most-used gifts I’ve ever gotten my dad.

Hamptons Hotel Lobby Candle

Normally, I wouldn’t include a candle in a Father’s Day gift guide. But Hotel Lobby’s newest candle, Hamptons, has a tomato, farmer’s market-inspired scent! My dad is a big gardener, and grows a ton of tomatoes every single year, so I might take a risk and see how it goes. (I’m also really curious to smell it, too!)


Whether the dad in your life is a big reader or an occasional one, a Kindle is a perfect gift because of how easy it makes it to read anywhere, anytime. As a bonus, you can pre-load the Kindle with a few books, or throw in an Amazon gift card.

Dagne Dover Duffel Bag

Another travel classic! Lightweight, holds up super well, can fit a lot, and can even fit as a carry on when flying – this duffel is a great gift to as an upgrade for older luggage. You could even pair it with the tech case fit a nice matching set!

Spice Set

This is a great little assortment of spices for grilling, smoking, and barbecuing at home! For a grillmaster dad, this is a fun way to test out some new recipes and flavors that they might not think of otherwise.

Libro.fm Credits

Just like a Kindle makes it easy to read at any moment, audiobooks are a great bookish gift to give too. Libro.fm lets you gift credits to anyone you want, so that they can pick out the books of their own choosing, for free! Plus, Libro.fm supports the local bookstore of your choice, which I love.

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