Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I’m really excited for this weekend – I’m going to The Andy Warhol Museum’s 30th Anniversary Gala tomorrow! I love committing to a theme, so I’ve had a lot of fun picking out a dress and some accessories that feel pop art inspired. And of course – any reason to celebrate the museum is worthwhile! It should be a super fun night, and I can’t wait to share some pictures. Until then, here are this week’s favorites.

Bridgerton Season Three

I sped through the first four new episodes of Bridgerton yesterday! I am loving it so far, and especially love where the last episode (for now) left off. I want more NOW! The actors playing Penelope and Colin just have such amazing chemistry that it’s so much fun to watch. June 13 can’t come soon enough!

Jelly Sandals

Sometimes it just makes me laugh how cyclical fashion really is, because I kind of can’t believe that jelly sandals are back. And… I kind of can’t believe that I want to buy a pair! I love this sandal version, and this flat version, too. They’re just fun and cute.

Apple Accessibility Updates

I own a lot of different Apple products, partly because I’ve found that they do so well with accessibility. They announced some new accessibility features that they have coming out, and I’m really impressed. A lot of them actually seem like features that could be “Accidentally Adaptive,” because they’re definitely things I can see non-disabled people wanting to use. too.

Wicked Trailer

I know that Wicked is still months away from being released, but the recently-released trailer has me really excited. The cast is incredible – both Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo have beautiful voices – and it looks like they really have captured the magic of Oz. Adaptations make me nervous (in that they won’t live up to my expectations), but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

The Art of Survival

I have been following Suleika Jaouad for years now, ever since she was sharing her dispatches from the hospital in The New York Times. And I thought her book Between Two Kingdoms was incredible. This article – a longform, really deep dive on her life – is absolutely worth a read. I feel like it captures the balance of being sick, and yet continuing to live through it, so well.

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