Friday Favorites

Short work weeks never fail to feel extra long – I’m very happy that today is Friday. I went out on a weeknight this week to see Noah Kahan’s concert, and I was dragging on Thursday, but it was totally worth it! He was incredible live, and it was a really fun night (though chilly!). It was a really fun way to kick off summer – but I’m also excited to catch up on sleep this weekend.

On to this week’s favorites!

Puff Sleeve Blouse

When I was getting dressed one day earlier this month, I realized I don’t really have a ton of comfy yet cute short sleeved tops. I’ve been doing some browsing to close this hole in my closet, and then I saw this puff sleeve blouse from J. Crew and immediately added it to my cart! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Adaptive POGOH Bikes

This is so cool – Pittsburgh has just added a variety of adaptive bikes to POGOH, their city-wide bike rental program! There are different adaptive bike options to choose from depending on what your abilities / needs are, and all are free this year. It works a little bit differently than the regular POGOH program, but I love the initiative and hope they’re able to expand to more locations in the future.

Google’s AI Failure

AI is so interesting – there are definitely so many potential benefits, but I also think we need to proceed with caution… and Google’s recent failure with AI search results is a really good example of why. This article is a good look into what happened when Google tried to roll out AI synopses of answers to searches, and what the future might look like.

Dateable: Swiping Right, Hooking Up, and Settling Down While Chronically Ill and Disabled

I got an ARC of Dateable through NetGalley and finished it earlier this week – it’s out July 9. It’s a book that is sorely needed, looking at dating through a disabled lens. Part dating advice for younger disabled people, part cathartic read for older disabled people, it covers all things intersectional between dating and disability in our current app-based dating age. The book goes into this, but there’s very little out there for disabled people to read or look to when it comes to dating and relationships, and I’m SO glad this book exists!

Making the Most of Summer (Gift Article)

I love summer SO much, but it feels like as soon as it’s here, people start talking about how quickly it goes! I love this article’s tips on how to make the most of summer. I really want to be better about planning activities on weeknights – even if it’s just eating dinner out on the patio – rather than saving everything for the weekends.

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