Gratitude List, May 2024

The last month has flown – I feel like I was just here, writing the April gratitude list! I’m feeling pretty good and content this month – life has been a nice mix of plans and relaxation, and I just feel pretty happy. So here’s what I’ve been feeling grateful for.

(More) Nature Being Cool

Last month’s gratitude list had the eclipse, and now this month’s has this Northern Lights picture!! Seeing the Northern Lights in person is one of the few things I have on my mental bucket list. I’m not even really a huge “feats of nature” person, but the Northern Lights?! I just think they’re so magical. The sky had a tiny bit of tint in real life, but you could really see the colors through the camera! I’m so grateful for even this tiny bit of the Northern Lights experience.

Losing Myself in Books

I have really found my stride with reading again, and have read some books this last month that had me so completely captivated that I didn’t want to do anything but read. It’s just the best feeling, so be so engrossed in a fictional world that all you want to do is get back to the characters and find out what happens next. I’m so grateful to have found my little niche in the book world where these kinds of books keep getting recommended to me.

A Little Bit of Shopping

I know this might sound a little bit superficial, but sometimes shopping for a few new things does bring joy into my life. I have an event coming up this weekend, and I really do love committing to a theme, so I had a lot of fun picking out a new piece to wear that I felt fit the vibes of the event! I’ve also been on a fragrance kick and picked up a few new samples. I’m grateful for the joy these new things spark.

Summer-Like Weather

I cannot get over how lucky I’ve felt this last week or two because of the weather we’ve been having. It hit the upper 80s at one point, which is truly unbelievable for May! I have been taking full advantage of it, and taking my laptop and iPad outside as much as possible to work and read. After what felt like an extremely long winter, I’m so grateful that the sun is back.

Eras Tour is Back

This one will probably sound silly, I know! But watching the live streams of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has been such a fun little thing to watch in the background, especially now that her new album has been added to the tour. It’s just a fun thing to have on and to chat about with other friends (you always need to know what the surprise songs were each night!). I know it’s small, but I’m grateful to be able to keep watching the tour in some way.

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