Life Lately, May 2024

May was a surprisingly busy moth – going back through my camera roll made me realize how many fun things I did. It’s honestly nice to have things picking up a bit again – things start to feel a little bit isolating after too many cold months in a row here. Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last month-ish!

My first of two shows for the month! I saw Company when it made it’s tour stop here in Pittsburgh – I honestly didn’t know much about the show going into it, but I really enjoyed it. Traditionally, the lead in Company is Bobby, a man – but this version centered on Bobbie, a woman. It was fun to see a gender-bent reinvention of the show!

We celebrated my sister’s birthday at a tiny bar called ETA. I was a little hesitant going into it, because it was a Japanese bar whose name literally translates to “standing bar,” and I wasn’t sure how accommodating they’d be. But they were amazing! They brought in shorter, non-bar height tables without even being asked, and just made sure we were as comfortable as possible. I would definitely go back.

In between fun outings, I also spent a ton of time on the patio, because it has felt like summer! I’ve been indulging in a pre-dinner ice cream snack, and honestly, it’s so tasty as a little afternoon treat! Lily has also been enjoying the warmer weather too – lots of hanging out outside and rolling around in the grass.

Nala, on the other hand, has been enjoying her indoor naps! With all the comfy blankets she has to choose from, she decided this USPS box was the perfect place to settle down for a little snooze. I’ll never understand!

I have a whole post about going to see the Pirates play here, but wanted to share one of my favorite parts of the night – the fireworks! We had an amazing view, and I’ll never get tired of watching the fireworks light up the sky over our city’s skyline. Though next time, I’d prefer to not do it from under a poncho as it rains!

More patio reading this month! I got an ARC of Olivia Muenter’s debut book, Such a Bad Influence, and wow it was so good! A light thriller about an influencer who goes missing, with an ending that had my jaw dropping. Definitely recommend pre-ordering this one – it’s out June 4!

My second show of the month – The Kite Runner. I’d read the book years ago in high school, but didn’t remember much more than the big plot points. I did know it wasn’t a light, fluffy show, and I wasn’t sure how that would translate to the stage, but it was incredible. Such a sad, yet powerful and moving and hopeful show. Absolutely worth seeing, but check the content warnings before you go. (I also had fun matching my outfit to the program!)

I talked about the Warhol Museum gala in this post, but wanted to share a fun, behind-the-scenes picture too. Devo – the band that sings “Whip It!” – was performing, and our table had a little ceramic replica of the Devo hats on it. For fun, I put it on my head for a picture – and it turned out the artist was standing right behind me! He let me take it home, and I made sure to get a picture with him. Such a fun, unexpected party favor, and a great way to commemorate an amazing night.

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