My ChappyWrap Review

(This post was originally published in 2021, but I’ve updated it with my more recent thoughts!)

I love my ChappyWrap blankets so, so much. I think I’ve gotten to try out almost every version they make now – the regular, the midi, the shawl, the lightweight – and I love them all. If you’ve ever wondered if they really live up to the hype, I’m here to tell you… in my opinion, they absolutely do.

Before I actually get into the blanket review itself, I want to talk a little bit about ChappyWrap the company. I love that they’re a mother-daughter owned brand, and that one of them is a speech-language pathologist (they shared my photo here on their Instagram for Disability Awareness Month). When I can, I try to support small, female-owned companies like this one. You can read more about their story here – it’s so cute how the blankets came to be!

Regular Blanket

Starting with the standard – the regular sized ChappyWrap. This is the perfect size for napping or sleeping – it’s big enough to cover your body. When we’re talking blankets, the absolute most important thing is the texture. I am so particular about how a blanket feels – I want it to be soft and cozy, so that I’m extremely comfortable when I sleep. And I just love how ChappyWraps feel! They’re not fuzzy in the same way that a fleece blanket is, but they’re still incredibly soft, and feel so nice. For someone like me who is super picky about blanket texture, these pass with flying colors.

The weight is mid-weight, I think – it’s substantial and not thin, but not too heavy, either. I hate blankets that are so heavy that I feel trapped by them (weighted blankets are definitely not for me), but this one is the perfect in-between weight. They’re also machine washable, which is important enough on it’s own, but they also keep their softness wash after wash after wash. Honestly, if anything, I think they get softer!

I actually sleep with one every night now. It’s the perfect combination of softness and warmth, and big enough to keep me completely covered.

Midi Blanket

The midi was the first ChappyWrap blanket that I got – it’s a smaller size, more meant for a lap (or kid!) size, but it’s perfect for me as a wheelchair lap blanket. It’s the exact same texture and feel as the regular sized Chappy, just smaller! It’s great as a kid’s blanket, and great as a travel blanket, too – easy to throw into a carry on or suitcase while you’re away from home.

As a lap blanket, it’s great to throw on while you’re working from home to stay warm, or while you’re watching TV and want something smaller than a full-sized blanket. And as a wheelchair lap blanket, I love that it’s short enough that it doesn’t drag on the floor and collect little pieces of dust while I’m wearing it!

Lightweight Blanket

This is the newest version of a ChappyWrap – a lightweight version of their regular blanket. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and it’s been really great timing, because we’ve had some unseasonably warm weather lately! Unsurprisingly, I love this version too. it’s definitely thinner – I actually think it feels slightly closer to the texture of a fleece blanket in that it’s a little more fuzzy than their regular blanket. But it’s been so nice to sleep under during warmer days, when the regular Chappy is just a little too warm.

I can also see it being great for hammock or patio naps, where you want just a light layer of something to keep you covered. And because it’s thinner, it takes up less space – I’d definitely think about taking it with me when I travel! It’s a really nice new addition to their blanket options.

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