Accidentally Adaptive: MicroStitch

In my Accidentally Adaptive series, I share products or services that aren’t specifically designed to be adaptive but have a particular use for me as a disabled woman.

I’ve shared quite a few times before that while I love all things fashion and style, finding clothes that actually fit me can be a challenge. My disability means that I’m very petite – I can actually fit in some kids sizes, but that doesn’t mean that I necessarily like the styles of kids clothing! So I’ve learned to adapt clothes to work for me… often with a safety pin or two. It’s fine, but doesn’t always look the nicest, though I have become good at hiding it well. But this MicroStitch makes it so much easier for me to do quick and simple “alterations” so things fit me much better!

Scoliosis is something that’s super common for people with SMA. It can get bad pretty quickly, and if you don’t correct scoliosis, you can end up actually squishing your internal organs and making it even harder to breathe, which isn’t great for someone who already has less lung capacity. So in middle school, I had spinal fusion surgery – the fuse a metal rod to your spine, to give it something to anchor to, to keep it straight(ish). But this also means that your torso stops growing at the time of your surgery. So my torso is the same length it was when I was in 6th grade!

As you can imagine, this makes it difficult to find tops that fit correctly length wise. Cropped tops often actually fit me perfectly, except they’re full length on me. So I always end up pulling the straps of my tops together in the back and safety pinning them together, knowing that my hair will cover the pin. Yes, I know I could take my clothes to the tailor, but having to take every top and dress I own to the tailor and changing while I’m there would actually be a (physical) struggle and time consuming for me, not to mention expensive. So normally, a safety pin works just fine.

But this little MicroStitch device is as easy as a safety pin, but better! It’s a machine with a little needle at the end, and it basically puts a small plastic “stitch” into your clothing wherever you want it. The stitch is basically made up of the same plastic material that’s used to attach price tags to clothes, but obviously the stitch is much, much smaller. It’s incredibly easy to use – you attach the needle, put the strips of stitches into the machine, gather whatever you want stitched (make sure you hold it away from your body so you don’t poke yourself with the needle!), stick the needle in, and squeeze the trigger. You’re done! The stitch can be taken out by just pulling, or with scissors if you’re afraid of ripping the material.

I use the MicroStitch mostly for straps and necklines, but that doesn’t mean that’s the only use for it! I’ve seen people use it between buttons on button down tops, where you always get those annoying gaps, or to stitch your bra strap to the strap of your top so that the bra strap never shows. So it’s definitely a product that has an accidentally adaptive use, but also lots and lots of uses beyond that, too!

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