Easy-On Sandals

It might be a little surprising, but sandals that fit well are actually one of the hardest things for me to find. My feet have pretty bad circulation, so they swell even in the best of times, but when you add in the heat and humidity of summer, it definitely doesn’t help. And when you have limited mobility, someone else trying to get your foot to squeeze into the straps of a sandal after a little bit of swelling is just tricky!

But what I love is that right now, velcro and buckle closures for sandals are actually in. Not only is it so much easier to get my foot into a sandal when I can completely open the straps and just set my foot in, but it also adds so much adjustability, so that a little bit of swelling becomes a non-issue. And because they’re on trend right now, they’re actually cute, and not orthopedic looking, so I can share all my favorites with you!

Brown Tevas // Black Quilted Velcro // Platform Raffia Buckle

White Stitched Velcro // Raffia Flatform Velcro // Raffia Velcro

White Velcro // Brown Buckle // Black and Tan Buckle

White Textured Velcro // Espadrille Platform Buckle // Gold Buckle

Velcro Sandals

In my opinion, velcro sandals are the easiest to get on, and have the most adjustability built in – I really love how many options are available right now! Even when velcro sandals weren’t trendy like they are now, Tevas were still making them – they’re a classic for a reason! This pair is probably the sportiest of the options, but they’re definitely versatile, and still very cute. These black quilted ones from Steve Madden are one of my favorites – I feel like the quilting and the faux buckle makes them look a little bit more chic, but the velcro means they’re still super easy to get on. I actually have them in the kids size (… in multiple colors) because I have tiny feet, but the style is the exact same! This is a really similar pair from Tory Burch – the perfect combination of cute and sporty that could work with so many different outfits.

I love the slightly larger “flatform” heel of this pair also from Steve Madden, but in a perfect-for-summer raffia. This is a slightly more luxe take on a raffia velcro sandal (and with a lower heel) from Tory Burch. I love the stitching around the seams of this pair; it’s such an unexpected detail, and I love how every single strap is adjustable, too. And I really love the slightly open, larger woven texture of these white sandals.

Buckle Sandals

If you don’t need something that’s as easy and adjustable as velcro, but still want some of that flexibility, buckles are a great option – and they look really cute, too. The raw edges on this flatform woven pair make them look laid back and relaxed even with the higher heel. If you want the heel but something a little more dressed up, the stitching around the seams of this pair is so cute. This leather and canvas pair has a slight flatform heel, and is the epitome of chic – they’d elevate any outfit.

I love the larger gold buckles on this pair – they woven top and faux-bamboo buckle makes it look extra summery. And I love the black and cream woven, textured upper on this pair of buckle sandals – it’s the perfect extra something.

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