Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I’m writing this post from my patio, coffee in hand – my favorite place to be. We have had a few days of gorgeous weather, where it’s really felt like summer, and I am so excited to have many more days of this ahead. This weekend should be a low-key one spent at home – I’ve been (relatively!) busy lately, at least in terms of what busy means for me, and I’m looking forward to having some time to relax.

On to this week’s favorites!

I loved this fun quiz from The New York Times about your friendship style! It’s kind of like introvert vs. extrovert, but with a little more nuance. It has a little analysis not only of what your friendship type is, but also a suggestion of things you can do to go a little bit outside of your comfort zone. My result was a firefly – I’d love to know what your type is, too!

Striped Midi Poplin Dress

I love the ease of this striped midi poplin dress from Madewell. The ruffle at the top, plus the stripe, keep it from looking too casual and basic, but the style is the epitome of easy and breezy for summer! Definitely a “throw on and go” dress that won’t stick to you in the summer heat.

15 Life-Changing Books

I love this list of books to read (and re-read) that Grace put together! I haven’t read most of them – I’ve only really gotten into non-fiction in the last few years – so I’m taking notes and adding quite a few to my own TBR.

The Cost of a Dress

I thought this article was really, really interesting. It looks at dresses that are similar in style, but at different prices, ranging from around $50 to around $500, and looks into the design and style choices at the different price points. It’s not exactly whether one is “worth it,” but more what style choices might make one dress more costly or difficult to make than another.

Adjusting to a New Disabled Life

I really love Alice Wong’s Teen Vogue columns about different aspects of disability. Her latest one, about adjusting to her new non-verbal status, is definitely worth a read. Not only will it help you better understand the reality of a non-verbal life, but I think her points about adjusting to a new, different kind of disabled life is so important. Even when you’re already disabled – things change, and there are new things you have to learn to adapt to, and sometimes it’s hard.

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