Friday Favorites

We have had a serious heat wave this week – I love summer, but we jumped immediately into 90 degree temperatures, and it’s been an adjustment! I did get the chance to enjoy breakfast out on the patio on Wednesday morning with a book, and it was a really nice way to start the day. I’m hoping for some more outside time this weekend, too – but with a ton of sunscreen, a big patio umbrella, and a fan directly blowing on me.

On to the favorites!

Grace Coddington on What Motivates Her (Gift Article)

I think I probably learned about Grace Coddington back when I watched The September Issue, and I was so interested in her and her career! I loved this article on what continues to motivate her, especially with her emphasis on looking ahead rather than looking back at regrets, and at her constant reinvention of herself.

Suffs Performance at the Tony Awards

This past weekend was the Tony Awards, and I’m a huge fan of musicals. I loved seeing this performance of Suffs, and the representation on the stage! One of the actresses in the show, Jenna Bainbridge, uses a wheelchair, and it’s not because it’s part of her character, it’s just because she uses one in real life. It’s incredible to see her in her chair on Broadway! Disabled representation on the stage still has a while to go, so this is a big deal.

Crochet Bag

Crochet is everywhere right now! And this little crocheted mini tote bag from J. Crew is the perfect way to add a pop of crochet into your outfit. It’s a great mini size, perfect for summer, and neutral enough to go with almost anything.

Bridgerton Season 3

If you haven’t yet caught up on Bridgerton, don’t read this article! But I am caught up (and am also making my way through the whole book series way too quickly), and thought this was a great interview about what changes were made to the characters vs. their book counterparts and why those changes were made (more representation! Yay!).

The RealReal Stealing Roommate

This story makes me very glad that I didn’t have a roommate in college! A woman stole her roommate’s designer clothes and accessories and ended up selling them on The RealReal. She was caught and confessed, but the items seem to have vanished. This is so very, very different than the drama I was dealing with in college for sure!

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