Friday Favorites

We’ve made it to the end of the week! My personal care attendant / caregiver was out this week, so it always makes things a little more stressful at home, and makes the week feel longer. There is such a lack of paid care workers right now that finding a back-up / substitute is almost impossible, which is another issue for another time, but all of this is to say that of course I don’t fault her for taking time off, but it just makes life at home a little bit trickier. But the weekend is here now and I’m excited. On to this week’s favorites!

Extra 25% Off Shopbop Sale

Today is the last day to get an extra 25% off the sale pieces at Shopbop with the code EXTRA25. There are a ton of great things left – I’m sharing just a small selection, all under $250 (before the extra discount). I especially love this pink pleated maxi, this print midi, this shorter strapless dress, this halter dress with a bold pattern, this floral print maxi, this floral print cotton maxi, and this fun palm leaf shaped bag.

Things Your iPhone Can Do

I love finding out all the fun, useful things that my phone can do to make my life just a little bit easier. This article has 15 tips of things your phone can do that you might not know about (like identifying animals in your pictures and sharing laundry instructions!). Some are useful, some are fun, some are convenient.

Kayali Vacation in a Bottle Mini Set

When it comes to fragrances, I typically love deeper, more woodsy scents, but sometimes in the summer I want something a little bit lighter and brighter. I picked up this Vacation in a Bottle set of mini fragrances from Kayali, and it’s exactly what I needed! My favorite is Maldives so far, but they’re all great. And the mini size will be perfect to take one or two on trips with me!

Smut for Everyone

New York Magazine has been doing a whole series on the recent popularity (especially on TikTok and Instagram) of smut, and I am here for it! If you want to dip your toe into the genre, this article is a great (and fun!) deep dive into the many different smut subgenres so you can find out where you’d like to start reading.

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