Gratitude List, June 2024

I find it much easier to be grateful when the sun is out versus when it’s gloomy and rainy, which means this month’s list came pretty easily to me! I also have been pretty busy lately, both in work and in life, and it’s made me feel really grateful for the little moments amongst the general chaos. So here are some things that I’ve felt grateful for lately.

Summer Weather

I thrive in warmer weather. Because my circulation can be pretty bad, I’m often cold, even just sitting inside my house – I basically have a blanket on my lap at all times. So I really, really enjoy summer weather and direct sunshine! I joke that I’m like a little lizard, just sitting out on my patio sunning myself and trying to soak up all the heat that I can. We’ve had some really, really nice days lately and I’m so grateful for the time I’ve been able to spend outside.

Fun Weekend Activities

After what felt like a pretty long stretch of being stuck in my house on the weekends, I’ve had a busy stretch lately, and it’s been really nice to be out and about again. It’s always a balance for me – getting ready and going somewhere is a lot of work for me, and when it’s gross out, it’s very hard to find the motivation (and energy!). But now that the weather has been nicer, it’s been nice to have weekend events to look forward to, like the Arts Festival earlier this month… where I managed to make an impressive number of purchases in a small amount of time. It’s a gift, what can I say!

Live Music

I trekked about an hour away – on a weeknight, nonetheless! – to see Noah Kahan’s Pittsburgh tour stop, and it did not disappoint. I really just love concerts and live music, and bonus points if they’re outside, like this one way. Noah was absolutely incredible – he really seems like he gives his all on stage, and seems so genuinely kind – and there’s just something magical about being in a crowd that’s all there for the music, listening and singing along. So grateful.

Patio Plants

Last year was the year we figured out furniture on the patio, and this year is the year of the plants. Little by little, we’ve been adding greenery to different spots and corners… a trio of ferns around the fountain, a flowering plant next to the couch. It just makes the space feel so lush, and like a little bit of a hidden oasis, and I’m so grateful for that. And everyone else should be grateful that I’m not responsible for watering them, so that they’ll remain alive!

Summer Visit Plans

It’s still a little bit strange to me that I’ve made actual friends on the Internet that I haven’t met yet “in real life,” and even stranger that we’re close enough to be planning meet ups! Because travel is an ordeal for me (and currently involves dragging the rest of the family on the trip with me), I always feel a little nervous when suggesting a meet up, because I know it means that people have to come to me, rather than me going to them, or meeting somewhere in the middle. But a few friends have planned some upcoming Pittsburgh visits, and I’m just so, so grateful that they understand me and my life and don’t make me feel bad in the least about having to meet me where I’m at, physically and metaphorically.

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