Jewelry Wishlist

I’ve been slowly building up a little jewelry collection over the last few years. There’s no real strategy to it (though there are some bigger pieces I know I want to get at some point); it’s mostly just things that catch my eye or have some special, hidden meaning to me. As I’ve gone about my shopping, I’ve come up with a list of things that I want to keep my eye on – maybe I want to make sure they’re not an impulse purchase, or maybe they’re out of my budget for now, but I could save up for, or pick up for a special occasion. I thought that it might be fun to share some of my wishlist items today!

Digby & Iona Kahlo Ring

I have another chunkier statement ring from this designer (an infinity sign with stars), and I really love it. I typically go a little girlier with my jewelry, but I like that this Kahlo ring is a little bit bolder. Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite artists (I really love how she portrayed her own disability in her art, and how she learned to paint while bedbound), and I love this homage to her. Plus, when I saw this quote in the ring description, I knew it had to be mine: I hope the leaving is joyful; and I hope never to return. Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?

Olivve Sequin Moon Charm

I have a little star sequin charm from Olivve, and I love it so much. I love wearing all things sparkly and shiny, so a piece of jewelry shaped like a sequin feels very, very appropriate. Now that I have the star, I want to add a sequin moon to my collection, too! I’ve always loved all things celestial, so I star and moon sequin set just feels right.

Sofia Zakia Library Card Charm

I can’t think of anything more “me” than a library card charm. I love it so much!! I have been a reader since I was a little girl – really, for as long as I can remember – and I would love to commemorate that. Even better, you can personalize it with your book of choice. This one is definitely out of my budget right now, but in my dream world, I’d have two – one for Anne of Green Gables, and one for one of the ACOTAR books. Either A Court of Mist and Fury or A Court of Silver Flames, I haven’t decided yet!

Dorsey Diamond Studs

A pair of diamond studs is a classic part of a jewelry collection, and I don’t have a pair yet! This pair is from Dorsey, and is lab grown, so a little more affordable (but still pricey!) – I love how substantial even the smallest size looks. They’re just a classic – sparkly, and shiny, and go with basically everything.

Baby Gold Connector Chain

I’ve been seeing connector chain necklaces everywhere, and I’m so intrigued! Instead of a typical clasp, this chain connects on both sides to a charm connector, where you can hang multiple charms at once. This one is a pretty basic one, and I like that as an entry into trying out a chain like this! It lets the charm connector – and the charms themselves – take center stage.

Indigo Fine Jewels Charm Connector

What’s a connector chain necklace without a charm connector? This pretty charm connector is from a collaboration my friend Sophia did, and I love it. The elongated oval shape is just a little bit different, and the diamond accent adds a little something special, too. I love that it looks equally good worn either vertically or horizontally, and would look great with my charms!

Retrouvaí Ouroboros Fantasy Signet

I won’t lie – I first learned about the ouroboros when I was reading the ACOTAR books. But I’ve been so intrigued with the concept ever since! It’s typically a snake (or dragon) eating it’s own tale – an ancient symbol of the neverending cycle of destruction and creation; of infinity. I just think it’s so cool, and I love how it’s depicted on this ring, with “nothing is static” engraved on the inside.

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