Life Lately, June 2024

This has been a really nice month – full-ish, but with lots of fun activities, and with absolutely beautiful weather that just makes me so happy. I really do love summer so much. Here’s everything that I’ve been up to over the last month.

I think I mentioned in a Friday Favorites post (or maybe in a gratitude list?) that I went to see Noah Kahan in concert. He was at an outdoor venue about an hour away – I hadn’t been there in over 10 years, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. The traffic leaving was not fun, but the rest of the night was great! I was really impressed with the accessibility at the venue, and even though we were far away in lawn seats, we had a straight-on view, which was amazing. And of course, Noah himself was incredible! He is so talented, and he also just seems so genuinely kind and appreciative of every single person at the show.

I was sitting on the patio one day when this guy just slowly sauntered over. I love his little antlers, and loved how friendly and unafraid he was! He didn’t run as I slooooowly crept over to say hi and take this picture.

We’ve been adding some greenery to the patio this year, and I’m loving how it’s turning out. This corner especially feels like a little oasis, with the water fountain surrounded by ferns! It just makes it feel a little more homey.

The first weekend in June, I went to the Arts Fest downtown. It’s one of my favorite things to do in Pittsburgh in the summer – tons of booths downtown (meaning lots of things for me to buy!), food, and nice weather as you’re strolling around. I picked up quite a few things… some jewelry, a ceramic dish, and this book with the pages folded to look like a H from a very cool booth that used old, discarded library books to make their creations.

While I do love this backdrop of the city, I also miss when the festival was held at the Point! It’s just a little bit nicer to roam around a path in a grassy area than it is a more crowded closed-off street. But still, I’m glad it has continued, and I’ll keep going no matter where in the city they hold it.

I picked up these DIY creme brulees that Petit Pot makes, and I was so impressed! It comes with the custard in the jar, and then a little packet of sugar that you sprinkle over the top and then brulee yourself… either with a torch, or in my case, a lighter (there are also directions for using the broiler in your oven). It really works – you get the nice crack that you expect from a creme brulee, and the custard is delicious.

Lily with a fresh haircut! Her fur grows so quickly, and because she doesn’t shed it, it’s especially important to keep it shorter and cooler in the summer. It’s so funny – she goes from looking like a perfectly cute little teddy bear to an overgrown Chewbacca in about two days! We always make sure to make her next grooming appointment while we pick her up from her last one so that we don’t accidentally forget.

The weather has been consistently nice enough that I’ve been able to take my laptop outside to get some work done. My patio office is my absolute favorite office! Being able to work outside is something that I’ll never, ever get tired of.

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